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Koramgame proudly presents: Three Kingdoms Online, a massive multiplayer online SLG game based on ancient Chinese history, scheduled to release its English version next week. The game is inviting players all over the world to play free of charge. Three Kingdoms Online is rich in culture and features, offering its players an unique experience never before found in a browser game.

The game was first released in China, and caused sensational popularity almost immediately upon release. Currently the game has accumulated tens of million of users and fans. The game is also the consecutive winner of ChinaJoy “Best Browser Game” of 2008 and 2009.

Three Kingdom
Chinese Version ofThree Kingdom

Historically Based

The Three Kingdoms period (169-280AD) is a historic period in ancient China. The nation was divided into three kingdoms and their quest for total domination has been a fascinating topic for historians and gamers alike. The publishing of The Romance of Three Kingdoms (14th century) has turned this part of Chinese history into the most famous piece of literature, introducing vibrant and intriguing stories on heroes, weapons, war strategy and diplomatic tension.

While many other Asian game makers have released various classic titles regarding this time period, the Three Kingdoms Online is the first of them developed as a web-based game. The game allows players to compete and cooperate with other players, allowing much more realistic diplomatic and military actions. The development team also tried their best to include cultural and historic elements. Gamers will find much of Chinese ancient history captured by this release.

Three Kingdom
Chinese Version ofThree Kingdom

About Koramgame

KORAMGAME.COM has emerged as a prominent leader in the Chinese browser game industry. The company has developed a number of outstanding, award-winning browser-based games. The company now is ready to present their work to the international community. Three Kingdoms Online will be the first of many unique gaming experiences the team hopes to offer.

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