Vector Releases The Seventh Dragon on December 1st

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Heroes, Dragons, Devils, and Undead fill the persistent world with fast-paced challenges for gamers at all levels of expertise

TOKYO, JAPAN – DECEMBER 1, 2009 – The Seventh Dragon, a browser-based persistent world simulation RPG playable on MACs, PCs, Netbooks, and via iPhones, was released today by Vector, Inc. A special launch promotion awarding Diamonds, the in-game currency, starts on December 3rd (details below).

No downloads are required. Players can sign up for free and begin playing immediately at

The Seventh Dragon Backstory: A World in Chaos

It is the 28th year of the Chronicle of the Seventh Dragons. The Asan Continent has fallen into tumultuous chaos caused by the marauding Devils and widespread looting by the Rebel Army. Mistrust among the Human, Elf, and Undead races reached a peak when the Devils conquered all the castles belonging to the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Dark Elves.

Survivors of the Devil’s onslaught have gathered under Master Magician Salem, the current incarnation of The Seventh Dragon. Heroes and knights from each race assembled at the Heliopalace to recapture their lost capital, build cities, battle foes, and save the world from the conquering Devils.

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The Challenges

Players are faced with multiple, simultaneous challenges to grow their starting castle into a huge city, gain great power, and defeat Caberos, the evil leader of the Devils. They must balance their resources to build structures (castles, magic towers, barracks, pet shops), acquire weapons (swords, magical wands, bows, aces), perform as a Hero (power, intelligence, stamina, agility, charm), join guilds, and win PvP battles in the Coliseum. The game’s "Beginner Protection” feature provides protection for new players for 216 hours (9 days) during which time they cannot be attacked by other players.

The Seventh Dragon uses a persistent system that continues the game even when off-line. It’s possible to play by giving instructions to your characters and setting production commands, then check on the results later.

Special Launch Offer Starting December 3rd: Get Bonus Diamonds by Inviting Your Friends!

Players are encouraged to invite their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail to sign up for The Seventh Dragon. Starting December 3rd, when your friends make their first purchase of any Diamond package (Diamonds are the in-game currency), you will receive 60 Diamonds (a $10 value) to enhance your gameplay; two friends’ purchases earn you 120 Diamonds; three friends’ purchases earn you 180 Diamonds, etc. No Diamonds are awarded for your friends’ second and subsequent purchases. Please allow four weeks for the process to activate. Get your friends to join and earn Diamonds!

The Seventh Dragon players can also get discounts for Diamonds purchases through PayPal from December 3rd through December 17th:

$9.79 = 60 Diamonds plus 12 bonus Diamonds
$19.54 = 135 Diamonds plus 27 bonus Diamonds
$49.44 = 365 Diamonds plus 73 bonus Diamonds
$99.49 = 750 Diamonds plus 150 bonus Diamonds
Check out this special promotion starting December 3rd!

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