Mythic Saga: The Rise of Kings is Here!

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Mythic Saga is the best MMORPG of 2012 and after a year's development, the new version of Mythic Saga — The Rise of Kings is ready for launch, featuring massive new maps, revamped graphics and thrilling quests this is your new Mythic Adventure!

New Bosses!

The Mythical land is occupied by many powerful bosses! Heroes, get ready for the war!

Mythic Saga Screenshot

New Function: Genie

Before the Sun God Pangus shed the first ray of sunshine on the world of Mythica,he brought a kind of fabulous and remarkable creature to the world to bless all Mythicans. This creature was a Genie. For years, they have hidden themselves for unknown reasons but now they have returned to Mythica. Heroes across the land are getting ready to summon them. Each species of Genie has its own specialties and what's more, you can meld different species to discover even more powerful Genies. Find your Genie and super-charge yourself with its magical energy!

Mythic Saga Screenshot

New System: Noble Title System + Bloodsurge Event (Faction War)

The Noble Title System is a new system where you become a member of the Mythican Aristocracy! Your new titles include King, Grand Duke, Archduke, Count, Earl, Landgrave and Jarl!

Mythic Saga Screenshot

Along with this new system comes the new blood-surging event, a special faction war in which you compete for honor of the Faction Crown. Do you want to take control of your faction? Do you want to issue events for your subjects? Do you want to acquire the power to promote your kin to the rank of Aristocracy and depose those who are negligent from their positions?

Be the King! Rise up now!

Mythic Saga Screenshot

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