Official Kingory Construction Spree!

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Kingory gamers, build anew toward your throne.

Great news for all lords in server “Great Sky Halberd”: for all users who registered under Official Kingory “Great Sky Halberd” and set up a character before Jan. 26th, 0:00 L.A. Time, they can all get a Kingory construction gift package worth 17 USD for FREE.

Kingory Screenshot

The gift package will include: Corvee Order*1, Food Bundle*1, Lumber Bundle*1, Stone Bundle*1, Iron Bundle*1, Lu Ban Leaflet*2, Lu Ban Note*1, 20 Voucher – all of which will shorten the construction time for your city and boost up your step toward the throne.

For your knowledge, Kingory is an epic FREE browser based RTS game, which's set up in ancient oriental land with truceless wars and battles. Player plays the role of a lord, who starts from a small city and becomes a king ruling the world if he has the heart of lion and the wits of a fox. Not only can you experience history, but you can even make history by gathering a group of the most valiant heroes and the brightest counselors around, beating your neighbors, and unifying the empire. There're myths inside myths and bloody conspiracies beyond your imagination.

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