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Kalydo upgrades to version 3.0

The time when you need to download and install a 500 MB game so as to play it has passed. The Kalydo Platform was upgraded to a new version this month, seriously improving its stability, usability and scalability.

Browser games evolved

With the new version of the Kalydo Player it is now possible to run large games directly from the web browser. With a combination of state of the art technology (including usage of cloud computing) and smart engineering, consumers will be able to play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games seamlessly in the web browser.

Combined with full screen options and OpenSocial compatibility to integrate into the leading social networks, Kalydo is ready for the future.

kalydo screenshot

New features in the Kalydo Player v3

The Kalydo Player has been improved with the following key features:

  • Up to 3 times shorter loading times
  • Browser support for IE 6,7,8 / Firefox 2.5 and higher / Chrome 3
  • Improved options panel with full screen and audio options
  • Extensive scalability with MMO support
  • In-game / Loading / Saving advertisement options
  • Automated XML localization support (UTF-8)

Faster loading times

The most apparent improvements are the extremely optimized loading times of the games. All the games on the Kalydo Platform now load up to 3 times faster than before.

Extensive scalability, security and the future

In the near future the Kalydo Platform will grow bigger and bigger with more games and community functionality. These new games will include multiplayer games and MMO games.

To support these new types of games the Kalydo Player has been made ready to seamlessly provide these games in the web browser. Soon you will be able to play MMO’s directly from your web browser, without the need of a large download and installation.

Re-installing the Kalydo Player

Everyone will be prompted to install the new version of the Kalydo Player on the next visit. This is a mandatory update, we will no longer support the older version of the Kalydo Player.

The installation is a one-time-only affair. After installing the new Kalydo Player you can play all the games on the Kalydo Platform, now and in the future.

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