Heroes of Gaia: How to Level up Fast?

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Manolo C. Lorenzo Heroes of Gaia Review
By Manolo C. Lorenzo

I'm 5,8 tall, medium built, fair complexion, average looking. In short plain and simple ^_^ I am also a Hard Core Gamer from Consoles to PC games. You can search ProGamer2010 on google.com, yahoo.com or any search engine on the web to know more about me. I am also active on my Social Life so it makes me super busy budgeting Real Time and Internet Time. ^_^ I like to do many Side Jobs, Part Time Jobs and is also looking for a Permanent Job. ^_^ I’m good at Analysis, Writing, Marketing, Viral Marketing, Website Maintenance, Forum Designing, Multi-Tasking and Playing Games! ^_^

The name doesn’t attract much attention on me the first time I heard and saw it on the net but when I saw a review about it, the very mentioned of “Heroes and Might and Magic” itself was enough to coaxed me up excitedly. The truth is, I was looking for Heroes of Might and Magic or Jagged Alliance Game in the internet to download it, to play it offline but what d’ya know! I stumbled on the Online Game instead!

What a coincidence, what a fate! It didn’t take me much to call up my hard core gamer buddies to try and play it ASAP because what interest me, interest them. If you’re a Hard Core Gamer, you know definitely Heroes and Might and Magic is a nice game to play! As the saying goes, “The same feathers flock together” or “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are!

Alright, what exactly is Heroes of Gaia Online? Heroes of Gaia is an Online Browser Game of Heroes of Might and Magic in the PC game.  For those of you who haven’t heard or known about Heroes of Might and Magic, it is an excellent PC game which you control Heroes to battle monsters, eliminate rival races, take control of resources structures, conquer castles and races and dominate the land. It’s like “Final Fantasy Tactics” or “Dynasty Warrior Tactics” where a Hero has units to control and battle it out on the field.

Note: There are certain modifications from Heroes of Might and Magic PC Game to the Heroes of Gaia browser game, such as the Turn Base Actions being eliminated and change to Time Base, better graphics and hero movements are change to action points.

Here are the Screen Shots!

The Battle


You can choose to fight the battle manually or automatic. If you choose to control fight the battle, you will be taken to the battle field as you can see in the Screen Shot. You can manually move your units around, order them to attack, standby or use magic spells that your hero has learned. For this battle, there is no opposing hero and there are only monster units to fight but if you fight with another player, like occupying/invading his resources or buildings, the hero of your opponent will be displayed on the other corner and depending on the level and stats, each unit you and he controls will have those attributes from each of your heroes.


Make sure to allocate your units properly like putting the long range at the back row and the melee units at the front row. In this way, you can win without casualties by letting your range units kill enemy units and your melee units, put on standby to protect your range units.

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