Dragon's Call CBT Review: A Game for a Casual Gamer

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Wizzs Dragon's Call CBT Review
By Wizzs

Hey guys, i'm Edgar Hokkanen, on the net i'm more known as Wizzs. I'm just 17 years old, yet i have played hundreds of games in my life. If there is anything i enjoy more than gaming then it's creating stuff for others. I have wrote my own games, made my music, drawn my pictures and now i'm up for writing and sharing my opinion with others.

Did you notice it? I mean did you notice how fast did the summer end? Seems just like yesterday we were enjoying warm sunrays and now, now it’s just this cold and rainy autumn. There's still a little more than a month to wait until the land becomes coated with soft snow and you might be thinking to yourself: „How am I supposed to survive this rainy season? " Well, luckily for us, Christmas comes early this year. Many known game companies are releasing their long-awaited products in November and December and all we need to do, is find the best one for us.

I might not know which games you exactly like to play, but I can try to find something you would enjoy spending time on. And that would be a Browser Based Game called Dragon's Call. Now you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Although many role playing games are named after dragons, it doesn't mean they are all the same, and neither is Dragon's Call. If you're a casual gamer who likes to play role playing games, but doesn’t like to grind for gold or just doesn’t have time to do it then you should definitely try this game out. It's a game that you can either play whole afternoon while cleaning your house or when you’re at work and your boss isn't looking.

Dragon's Call Screenshot
Closed beta test screenshots!

As I already mentioned the game is browser based and free to play so trying it out will not cost you anything besides your own time. There are a few VIP bonuses for people who wish to get everything out of their Dragon's Call experience by paying for it but these bonuses are nothing more than increased experience flow or a bit extra gold when killing monsters. There are no overpowered weapons or gear for players who pay and this keeps game fair for everybody. As for the game itself then it is addicting and interesting to play. What I really liked was the quest system. The quests range from killing trolls to collecting boar ears (no seriously, boar ears).

Dragon's Call Screenshot
Closed beta test screenshots!

You start the game with tutorial and after you have completed it you are already level 6. After every 2-3 completed quests you can be quite sure that a level-up will follow and after few hours you should be level 20 for sure. Dragon’s Call keeps players balanced with action points. Every player gets 150 new action points every day and can buy some additional points with gold each day. Once all the action points have been used up there isn’t much to do other than to wait for tomorrow so they can recharge again.

Official Site: http://dc.gamedp.com/
Feature: http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/io/index/id/1622.shtml

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