Champion of the Gods Announces Beta Test!

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The Forlorn Games team is pleased to announce the planned BETA test for our Browser Based Role Playing Game - Champion of the Gods will begin at the end of January 2010. Champion of the Gods can be considered an expansion of our existing RPG Lands of Hope or a standalone game, as no prior knowledge of Lands of Hope or our other games will be required to play it.

Champion of the Gods is fully playable on a PC/MAC using a web browser, as well as via Facebook. In an update to our previous announcement CotG will also be 100% fully playable on Smartphones using the Skyfire web browser or compatible browsers. There are very few browser based games designed for the portable market and so we are very excited to enter this new market, with Champion of the Gods you will be able to play the game at home, on the way to work/school or away from home without any loss of functionality!

A sneak peak version of the game is currently available at visit while it does not offer all of the features the forthcoming BETA test will, it is an early indicator of the style of game play. You can access the Mobile phone version at (Data Plan costs may be incurred).

Champion of the Gods

Pendragon City

The January BETA will include access to Pendragon City, the largest city in Albion built atop the remnants of Camelot after it fell this city hides many secrets. A tragic disease has struck its inhabitants down, and although now cured the city has become a shadow of its former self. Around level 55 players will venture to the city, and be offered the role of Governor. After taking over the city you will be responsible for repairing the city, doing so will give you permanent buffs, access to new NPCs and Quests as well as tax income from your new citizens.

We are very excited by this feature as it adds another tier of game play to the traditional RPG elements of CotG and provides a fun yet interesting goal in repairing over 20 of the damaged sections of the city.


To further enhance the community aspect of all of the Forlorn Game team products a new community portal has been built that contains forums for all of our games and a way for all of our players to unite. You can signup / access this portal at


A fantasy setting, set during the time of King Arthur, Merlin and Morgana although these three are dead. This is central to the storyline!

The game takes part 40 years after a massive battle that led to the death of Arthur and the disappearance of Merlin and Morgana (as opposing forces).

With no strong leadership the people of Albion have regressed back to worshipping the old gods, and finding faith wherever they can.

The undead army Morgana raised has splintered and now roams around Albion seemingly with no leader, raiding parties frequently attack villages and strange monsters roam the night. Kind Regards,

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