Enjoy The Best Easter Holiday in League Of Angels II

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Easter Day, the day for family and friends to enjoy the feast is now coming! League of Angels II is happy to celebrate this special festival with all of YOU!


Except the adorable mount Dash O’Hare released last week, we also prepared the brand new Easter Clothing and Soul Arm for you to aid you in the upcoming battleground!


New Easter Suit – Put on the Magic Rabbit Ears!
Want more festive colors and eggs? Put on our new Easter Suit and you will be surprised! The female’s suit is a sexy one and in lovely colors while the male will be dressed in a neat swallow-tailed coat, which will make you look handsome and elegant. Both the female and male’s Easter suits include the adorable rabbit ears and wings made from colorful ribbons! 
Easter Outfit is an Artifact suit that includes two parts - Outfit and Wings, collect 1 part to activate 1 skill and 2 to activate both skills:
Egg Shot (normal skill)
Deal 307%+11440 DMG to the enemy's back row and reduce their DEF by 25% and healing received by 40% (this effect ignores immunities).
Egg Hunt(ultimate skill)
Deal 383%+14300 DMG to the enemy's back row with a 75% chance to Stun targets for 1 turn (this effect ignores immunities).
New Soul Arm – Scorner
Here comes the Scorner, another perfect arm to make your squad more powerful and help you to create new legend on Sapphire! As an Artifact Soul Arm, Scorner provides you with the power to slam your army with high damage and debuff, help you to achieve glorious victory in battle.


Blade of Malice:
Deal 224% ATK DMG to all enemies and reduce the healing they receive by 10% until the end of battle.
Spite R6: Increase DMG of Blade of Malice by 240% and Blade of Malice now has a 40% chance to Crit (ignores END)
Disdain R6: Blade of Malice increases END by 8% and reduces Crit DMG received by 25% for the entire squad until the end of battle
Contempt R6: Increase healing reduction effect on enemies to 35% and also reduce their natural HP regen by 50% until the end of battle.
Keen to the new Easter Suit and Soul Arm? Play League of Angels II during Mar 28th to Apr 1st, join the Single-Server Resource Tycoon and the Easter event to put them in your bag! Have a good time in League of Angels II! Happy Easter!



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