League Of Angels III Closed Beta Testing Opens On Feb 5 Th, 2018

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We are cordially inviting you to join us in League of Angels III to continue your legendary journey in a fantasy world where the war between Angels and dragons is looming! Let us form the Legion of the Elite to vanquish the evil and avert the Crisis once and for all!


Testing Time:
7 A.M. Feb 5th, 2018 ---- 0 A.M. Feb 12th, 2018 (EST)

Testing Type:
This is a testing which will have no recharge options and all accounts and data will be deleted when the testing ends at 0 A.M. on Feb 12th, 2018 (EST).


Featured Content:
1. Seven Development Systems:
Characters, Heroes, Equipment, Mounts, Wings, Divine Armaments and Relics constitute the seven development systems in this testing. The brand new Divine Armaments and Relics are sure to make your jaws drop.
2. 30+ Heroes:
More than 30 heroes will be unveiled in this closed beta testing, along with six mounts, six wings, six divine armaments, seven relics and three brand new 3D city features. There will be four new appearances for male characters and four new appearances for female characters. You will have way more leeway in choosing your battle formations and showcasing your character’s aesthetics.
3. Ten Storyline Chapters:
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing ten-chapter storyline following the Dragon’s invasion of the Sapphire continents. This will be an arduous journey but if you do happen to make it till the end, surprises await.
4. Six Game Modes:
This testing features six game modes, that is, Trial, Realm, Tree of Origin, Expedition, Arena and World Boss on top of the traditional Story Stages. Different levels and chapters in Trial, Realm and Tree of Origin enable players to experience different difficulties and consequently a more refined strategic gameplay.
5. Friends and Guilds:
All players will be assigned to Angel Academy as their default Guild. Players can also create their own Guild or apply to join other Guilds. What’s better than fighting dragons with your best friends?
6. Abundant Rewards:
Tons of rewards will be available during the testing, including Sign-in rewards, Level-up Gift Packs, Online Gift Packs, Ranking Rewards and rewards from other spectacular events all of which ensure that you have the best experience playing the game.


How to Apply to Be One of the First Testers
All players who are interested in the LoA3 Closed Beta Testing are welcome to join us! Just click the link below to apply >>
Friendly reminder: First come, first served. The first 1,000 players who sign up via the link will receive our activation code on Feb. 5th! Follow us on Facebook where we’ll also send out some activation codes! Join our Discord channel to communicate with the other testers!

League of Angels Official Site:
League of Angels Facebook:
League of Angels Discord Channel:



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