LoA New Year Celebration: May All Your Wishes Come True

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The current year is coming to an end, and it's time to reflect how it went and get on a fresh start. Many new systems have been added through the year, such as Syph Gear, Sylph Sturdiness, Doomsday Trial, Divine Realm Level and Unbreakable Bond for Fairies and Sylphs; special events like Angel (Mount) Special Offer and Limited Offer have enabled everyone more ways to gain different items. Moreover, we are excited to celebrate the 4th anniversary with all of you, and share the great news of winning the second place as Best Strategy, Best RPG and Best Community Browser Game of 2017 in MMOSite's Readers' Choice Awards. Thank you for your love, suggestions and continuous support. We would't have gone so far without you!


From Jan. 1st to Jan. 6th, the long-awaited New Year Celebration (which used to be called Yearly Review Party) will be available in game! Check out what you have achieved and find your beloved heroes, angels, sylphs, mounts or resources at their best price. There will be amazing discounts EVERY DAY during the party, and you can find (L3) Missional Achilles Boots in Diamond Rouletee! In addition, Happy Sea, Lucky Tree and Fortune Bag will all start on Jan.1st to cheer up the carnival!

Event Schedule:
New Year Celebration: Jan. 1st to Jan. 5th
Diamond Rouletee: Jan. 1st to Jan. 4th
Happy Sea: Jan. 1st to Jan. 4th
Lucky Tree: Jan. 1st to Jan. 3st
Fortune Bag: Jan. 1st to Jan. 3st

There are seven pages in New Year Celebration panel, namely Information, Angels, Mounts, Heroes, Character, Challenge and Homeland. In each page, we share exciting information about the game with you, and you will find Discount part and Collect part in later pages.
Friendly reminder: In Discount part, you can buy some relevant items in each page, and the discount rules are same.
1.All items in the Review Sale can only be selected ONCE in each purchase.
2.System calculates the total price of the selected items. Discount will be applied to the purchase once the price exceeds a certain amount.

In this page you will see some interesting information about angels, such as the average number of Angels players have, and the total average level of Angels owned by players.

Besides you can take part in the Discount and Collect part to get the items you need by purchasing or achieving certain goals.
In Discount part, we prepare various popular Angel Icons. In the Collect part, you can collect rewards by achieving certain goals. What's your Divine Realm Level now?

In this page, you will see the most popular mounts among players, and you will have great chance of summoning the mount you long for. How are you doing with the Armament?

Heroes and sylph make up the two most important parts of our squad. Whoever is capable of recruiting 75 heroes, should be able to summon enough sylphs in order to be the Grand Tavern Lord. How many sylphs have you unlocked so far?

By the end of the year 2017, more and more players have joined the 2 Million Battle Rating Club! Act fast to increase your BR in case you are left behind! Have you got any celestial fairy to accompany your heroes?

Everyday more than 294,315 players fight various monsters and bosses! Fight for justice and get more resource for your journey! How many levels have you cleared in God's Trial?

We each possess a beautiful Homestead. We built our Homestead with the power of our imagination. We increase our battle rating enormously by using specific decorations. In which level is your "baby"'s skill?

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game. With the crazy discounts in the carnival, you'd better act fast to score the sweet, sweet goodies!
May all your wishes come true! Have a prosperous new year!



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