Top 3 Browser Games You Need to Play Now

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Despite what many people think, browser games are still going strong and this year we’ve seen some very good games go back into style for the pleasure and enjoyment of the fanatics of this type of games. The best part of these games is that they are free and they are very simple to play. If you are not into these games yet we suggest that you try them out and see what you have been missing. The themes are all over the place, you can play games that are about building cities, doing boring jobs,and of that the real-time strategy games are part of the repertoire.


3. - Travian: Legends
Travian has a committed legion of fans because it has the classic appeal of a game that is about building a civilization from scratch and turning it into a mighty empire. You can choose from different historic tribes to start your path towards greatness. There is some savage competition against opponents and as you might have guessed, one of the goals is to build a wonder, and the first one to take it to level 100 is declared the winner. It was developed in Germany and the first version was released in 2004.

2. - Tribal Wars 2
This game is about playing in strategic battles in real time. You can team up with other players or play against them. And if that is not attractive enough, you’ll also have to make time to build an empire at the same time. You will be in charge of the progress and evolution of your tribe, you are the boss and will be taking all the decisions and protect your up and coming civilization. Diplomacy is a key factor in the game, because you’ll have to make alliances to survive.

1. - Cool Bananas
With this funny game you will feel just like in an online casino but with all the frenetic action at your fingertips in your browser. This game was designed to make you have a laugh while you see the reels spin, this definitely a change in the tone of the list. This is a typical 25 pay line slot machine with bananas that can make you win big. The symbols are a banana split, sunglasses, a monkey with a Hawaiian shirt, and the girl; and the bonus round can give you lots of coins. You can’t go wrong with this game.



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