LoA II: New Mount Mayura Graces Sapphire

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The new mount Mayura finally makes its glorious debut! Mayura, reigned as an auspicious bird, has long been famous before it came to Sapphire. With her brilliant blue glow and spectacular tail feathers, Mayura embodies all the beauty that Sapphire has to offer. When Mayura soars across the sky, flapping her wings and tail, she leaves behind falling luminous plumes to create a truly magnificent scene. As a symbol of grace and beauty, Mayura will no doubt be a favorite among the warriors of Sapphire!


Mayura not only has a gorgeous appearance, she also brings powerful buffs for your entire squad! Let’s check out how Mayura can aid you in your battles to come:
Mystic Song (Max Level): Increase Crit, HIT, and Dodge of the entire squad by 29% for 5 turns.

Mayura's Blessing (Max Level): Increase own max HP by 42% and max HP of other allies by 21% until the end of battle.

From Oct. 14th to Oct. 16th, players can exchange Mayura Plume and Mayura Painting for Mayura in Events. Mayura Plumes can be obtained from Palace Dungeon, Elite Dungeon and special events. Mayura Paintings, however, can only be obtained from Lotus Gifts which are available in special events. Get your own Mayura and take a ride on this mystical bird around Sapphire! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II, and as always, we hope you’re having a wonderful time in Sapphire!

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