LoA II New PVE & GVE Mode: Trial of Valor

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A brand new monthly cross-server competitive event, Trial of Valor, is coming in Update 3.07 for League of Angels II, the highly popular free to play MMORPG. In Trial of Valor, players will be able to engage in epic PVE & GVE battles that test each aspect of your progression, including Equipment, Mounts, Battle Pets, Relics and Runestones. Only the wisest player can find the perfect balance and claim victory. Now let’s learn more about this hybrid competition.


Access: Click the “Feature” button and find the” Trial of Valor” icon to enter.

Requirement: Lvl.80 and above

The Trial of Valor will start each month and is made up of 6 phases: Mechanarium (Equipment), Silvervale (Battle Pets), Relic Gate (Relics), Shimmer Flats (Mounts), Champion's Tomb (Runestones), and the Final Trial.

PVE Phase:
Each phase will only factor 1 aspect of your overall progression. As an example, the first "Equipment Phase" will only count attributes and skills obtained from the Equipment system, including Equipment Enhance, Enchant, Grade, and Awaken, along with attributes and skills from your character's Level, Upgrade, Augment, and Evolve. Hero Awaken and Power are not counted, nor any non-equipment systems like Mounts and Pets.

Players have at least 15 days (3 days for each phase) to challenge a variety of PvE stages (15 stages for each phase). Players can earn rewards such as Holy Signet for clearing each stage and will also be ranked based on their progress. The higher the stage, the better the rewards. The Holy Signet can be used for exchanging items at the Merchant.

Stages 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 of each phase are special stages. In additional to normal rewards, players can obtain points after the first clear. Clearing each of these stages will reward 1 point, while stage 15 will reward 2 points. Points can be exchanged for Point Rewards as well as the "Fire of Creation" item needed to challenge the Final Bosses(Master) in Reward Exchange.

Players get 10 free Action Points which will reset to 10 each day at 12AM. Clearing a stage will cost 1 AP each time, loss will not conduct the AP. If a boss is too difficult to defeat, players can spend 3 AP to buy 1 stack of the "Valor Buff", which increases attributes by 50% for their next battle (this effect can stack).
Besides the rewards mentioned above, players can claim a Daily Chest based on their highest cleared stage each day.

GVE Phase: Preparation Phase & Final Boss Phase
In this phase, players can challenge the bosses and the Final Boss, and be ranked according to their damage done. The Final Trial will open from 8:00AM to 9:30AM and 8:00PM to 9:30PM(EST) on the last day of the Trial of Valor event.
The first 30 minutes of Final Trial is a Preparation Phase where players can only kill the bosses around the Final Boss to obtain buffs. The buffs obtained will only take effect in the battle with the Final Boss.

Players can enter the Final Boss Phase during the last hour of the event and only have one attempt to challenge the Final Boss. Players with the "Fire of Creation" tickets can enter the Final Trial (Master) while players without the "Fire of Creation" ticket can enter the Final Trial (Normal). Players will be ranked according to their damage done and can earn some really great rewards. Please note that each player

The first round of the Trial of Valor will start on Sept. 29th! Now go and prepare for the ultimate trial of everything you have built up. Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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