Mad World, a HTML5 MMORPG Releases an Action Trailer

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Jandisoft released today an action trailer of their current project, 'Mad World', a HTML5 MMORPG.  The game's story revolves around humans and their will to survive in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world ravaged by evil creatures. The trailer focuses on its multiplayer combat aspect.


Mad World Action Trailer:

Hailing from Korea, the studio was founded by the core members from the team that had worked  on the hit MMORPG, Metin 2 with a mission to offer a truly massively-multiplayer experience without boundaries, in the way of HTML5.

Virtually playable on any platform with an internet connection, its cross-platform feature allows users to go multi with friends on different platforms in real-time, which is unprecedented for any MMORPG.  Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android are confirmed but Jandisoft is also showing an interest in venturing out to consoles and other browser-enabled platforms.

While staying true to the features of classic MMORPGs, don’t let its HTML5 title look past its unique art style and solid gameplay.  It offers a fast-paced combat action that is engaging and addictive, a 2D hand-drawn world pleasing to eyes, and storyline whose depth will draw you in.  Hybrid of targeting and non-targeting, the game’s combat offers a somewhat simple and chaotic yet addictive and fun experience, which doubles when played en masse with hundreds of other players in PVE raids or PVP matches.

Still an uncharted territory, Jandisoft believes Mad World will become the first game to take HTML5 to its full potential and lead it to the main stage of the gaming world.

Jandisoft is aiming at releasing the game worldwide within 2018.  For more information, please visit or follow them on the social media.



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