YOU Are Invited! 2017 Global VR Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Launches

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VR Industry Base Public Service Platform officially went into operation and '2017 Global VR Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition' launching ceremony was held at Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. Fujian Provincial Standing Committee, Executive Vice Governor Zhang Zhinan delivered an important speech, and announced the official launch of China•Fujian VR Industry Base Public Service Platform and “2017 Global VR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition”.
This is another important action to deepen “Internet + ” industry after Fujian provincial Party committee and provincial government promoted NetDragon Websoft Inc. Built China•Fujian VR Industry Base Public Service Platform in February last year. It means Fujian is building a open platform of VR industry’s innovation and entrepreneurship center on “VR hardware+content+industry application+fund+incubation”, and will focus on the core VR industry power both in China and abroad, promote the global VR content creation, and open a new era of VR content ecosystem.


China • Fujian VR Industry Base Public Service Platform officially goes into operation
Everyone can be a VR content developer
If 2016 is the year of VR, then 2017 will be a year of the whole industry’s phenomenal growth. On the international, the hardware companies such as Oculus, HTC and Samsung, the software companies such as Google, Unreal and Unity, and some leading companies such as Tencent, Baidu all launched their own VR platforms. These platforms all have excellent capabilities, but also have high technical barriers.
Meanwhile, with the strong support of Fujian’s governments at various levels, NetDragon Websoft Inc. integrated high quality technology and resources, took full advantage of the support of Provincial Internet economy new guidance fund and published China• Fujian VR Industry Base Public Service Platform. After one year, this platform officially goes into operation.
According to XiongLi, the Rotating CEO of NetDragon Websoft Inc., China• Fujian VR Industry Base Public Service Platform is unlike the other VR platform. It’s mainly for the SMES and individual developers. It builds a convenient, efficient and innovative development environment, so that to support them develop the VR application products that meet the market’s request. 
According to the introduction, currently the platform already has 40,000 VR resources, and integrates 4 super develop tools and services, which are 101 Creative World, AR Editor, Fantasy Age arcade platform and Mobile Application Rapid Test platform. Besides providing the excellent content develop tools and resources from NetDragon Websoft Inc. to the developers, it can also provide the support of buying VR application services, develop VR application content, open VR  pilot counties for Fujian government, so that to improve the public service system.
After going into operation, the platform will effectively integrate the resources of investors, industry experts and indie VR developers, deepen global VR developers’ communication and cooperation, promote the efficiency of VR content’s development, industry application solutions, product development and talent training.
Build VR Industry Innovation & Entrepreneurship Open Platform
“2017 Global VR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition” Launches
Rely on China• Fujian VR Industry Base Public Service Platform, NetDragon Websoft Inc. developed a lot of excellent VR applications, among which “Fly wins Luding Bridge, Pine Ridge” have gained a high rate from the Central Organization Department, “VR Oceanic Treasure Hunting” was selected as the outstanding works of CAST and entered the National Science Museum. NetDragon has also gained the 2016 ”China Virtual Reality Science and Technology Innovation and Industry Promotion Award”. What’s more, NetDragon has also signed with Harvard university, Pearson PLC to realize the consolidation of resources and technologies.
To keep building the Public Service Platform a world advanced and China’s leading online platform, NetDragon will create a VR developers’ alliance of ecological services, butt Fujian Strait Virtual Reality & Image Resource Trading Center, keep exerting the aggregation effect of project cooperation, innovation & entrepreneurship, and investment funds, so that to keep improving VR industry pattern. What’s more, the “2017 Global VR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition” presented by NetDragon Websoft Inc. was also kicked off on June 20.
The competition is for building a VR industry innovation & entrepreneurship open platform of “VR hardware+content+industry application+fund+incubation” based on “VR+” innovation systems. On the one hand, the competition is to focus the core VR industry strength both in China and abroad, promote the creation of VR content and open a new era of VR content ecosystem. On the other hand, the competition will integrate the resources of investors, industry experts and indie VR developers, promote the global VR developers’ communication and cooperation, so that to take full advantage of Fujian’s policies and resources, brands and channels focus on VR industry, and realize the “all-win” of VR content development, industry application solutions, product development and talent training and output.
Luxury Global Experts Lineup
5 Million Bonus Waiting for You
It’s known that the lineup of experts in this competition is really luxury, including global VR experts, scholars and masters. They will review the works fairly. Here are the judges for this competition:
Authoritative experts: DeJian Liu, Founder & CEO of NetDragon Websoft Inc., Co-president of Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, Invited Professor of Harvard University; Eric Klopfer, Professor of MIT, Manager of MIT's Education Arcade; MingQuan Zhou, Professor of Ministry of Education's Virtual Reality Applied Engineering Research Center.
The head of the Well-known investment agencies: Xin Guan, Founder & CEO of Kuan Capital, Global Advisor of TEDx; KuiGuang Niu, Partner of IDG Capital Partners;  ZhiJin Xia, Partner of Vertex Ventures China.
The head of the Well-known companies: Davis Tsai, Vice President of Microsoft Greater China region, Vice President of Business in Microsoft China; Xin Li, General Manager of HTC China Business Development; Jason, Founder & Chief Executive of Cherrypicks International. 
What’s more, Chris Dede, the professor of Harvard University will lead his team to join in the competition. Chris Dede is honored as “Harvard University's Lifetime Professor in Education Technology Area ”. The “American States Education Technology Implementation Assessment Policy Framework” established by him has been used all over the USA. He used to be a member of the Educational and Psychological Testing Foundation in National Academy of Sciences, a member of TechnicalExpert Group in U.S. Education Department, and keep actively participating in the education policy formulation. His research fields include the leadership in new types of educational technology, educational Policy and educational innovation. He has a deep experience and unique understanding in American’s higher education and IT.
The bonus in this competition is 5 million Yuan. There are 3 awards of “Product Design”, “Resource Producing” and ”Tool Application”. What’s more , there are also 3 subprojects in “Product Design”, which are “Education”, ”Game” and ” Industry Application” .
If you want to competition with all the VR masters worldwide, just click the link below and sign up!
Sign up and learn more about the competition here.
Duration time of registration and work submitting: June 20th to Oct. 23rd
Registration Steps:
1. Online Registration: Log in the official website and click on “Competition Registration” to sign up.
2. Work Submitting: Fill in your personal/team information and the introduction of your entry.
3. Work Uploading: including the PPT or video demonstration of your work. 



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