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It may be well over 100 years since a young engineer called Charles Fey first invented what was to be the blueprint for every slot machine that followed. But looking at the online slots that are being played today it could have been 500 years ago.


Now teams of developers work together to create games that aren’t just fun to play, they’re carefully themed to attract to a particular kind of player and be a fully immersive experience which keeps slot fans entertained as well as simply trying to win money.

To achieve this they use everything from catchy music to glittering special effects as well as including narrative themes that have as much in common with video games as with the slot machine of old.

The topics and themes that they feature are wide ranging but, not surprisingly, good luck is a key one which crops up again and again. A great example of this is Jack's Pot Slot Game developed by the 888casino brand themselves making it a great game for real slots fans.

As you might guess, the star of the game is Jack who is a red-haired leprechaun-like figure who presides over a glittering mineshaft whose walls are encrusted with precious gems. From the very outset you can see he’s a quirky fellow who is going to be a trusty guide throughout the game.

It’s a standard five reel three row machine boasting a total of  twenty-five potential pay lines. There are orange, purple, red, blue and green crystals on the reels and these are the highest value symbols. The standard 10, J, Q, K and A symbols complete the set.

The mining theme really comes into play when at least three of the crystal-studded rocks come up along with the miner’s drill because this is what will trigger the “wild” feature and give you your chance to qualify for the Crystal Rock Bonus. Then it’s just a question of choosing which of six rocks you want to crack and, when you do, you’ll qualify for between 8 and 10 free spins.

Progressive jackpots are always a favourite with slots players because of the big winnings they can bring and the Crystal Jackpot is no exception. You’ll know when it appears because there will be the choice of four different gems. All you need to do is choose the most promising looking one and your prize will be revealed. As with all progressive jackpots one strategy that can help to trigger it is by playing with higher stakes. All of these great features make playing Jack’s Pot Slot Game even more fun and as the play on words with its title suggests (Jack’s Pot = Jackpot!) the developers over at 888casino really put some great work into this title.

If you’re looking for other strategies that can increase your chances of winning, you’re already one step ahead by playing on a game with three reels. That’s because these are usually considered to be the games that offer the biggest chances of success. Another proven method of increasing your luck is to up your stakes when you’re winning and lower them when the reels aren’t running your way. This will mean you can play for longer and give yourself bigger chances of a win

Last, but not least, the really good news is that Jack’s Pot Slot has an  RTP of 94.7% so as soon as you start to play you’ll be onto a winner that pays back more than many other machines now available.



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