League of Angels: Fight for Glory in the Next Cross-Server Team Tournament

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Team up to take part in League of Angel's Cross-server Team Tournament! During the 7-day competition, the elite teams from all the servers will compete for the championship. The winners will have a chance to walk away with the Angel Athena and Angel Alecta!


The 19th CS Team Tournament will start on Jan.19th and lasts for 7 days! For more information, please check the instruction below.

Single-server Preliminaries

Duration: Sign-up during Days 1 and 2. Preliminaries start on Day 3 
Players Level 50 or higher can create a team or join others to form teams of 5 on Days 1 and 2. The top 12 teams with the highest Team Battle Rating on each server will qualify for the Single-server Preliminaries on Day 3.


Cross-server Group Stage 

Duration: Days 4 and 5 
The top 2 point leading teams from each server will be eligible to enter the Cross-server Group Stage. Each team will send one player at a time to fight. Once a player is defeated, another will replace them in the fight until one team is knocked out when there are no available members left on the team.



Duration: Days 6 and 7 
The top 4 teams from each group will qualify for the finals. After two knockout rounds, the final 16 teams will compete using a best of three rounds system.


Each participant will get Royal's Mark according to their final rankings. Collect enough Royal's Mark to swap for Angel Athena and Alecta in the Cross-server Shop!



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