Felspire 2.9 Patch Notes

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------------What’s New

1. Gem

- Available at [R]Lv 380.

- You can unlock gem slots, socket and remove gemsin the Gem system.

(1) Unlock slots

- Except for wings, spend gold/diamonds or StoneDrills to unlock gem slots. Each piece equipment has 4 slots. The first 3 slotscan be socketed with ATK Gem, DEF Gem, and HP Gem respectively while the 4thslot will be available in a future update.

- Stone Drill can be obtained from events.

(2) Socket gems

- You can socket HP Gem, ATK Gem or DEF Gem in thefirst 3 slots of each equipment. However, you can’t socket 2 gems of the sametype to the same equipment.

- Note that if you socket a gem that can’t betraded to equipment, the socketed equipment can’t be traded too. You can tradeit after removing the gem.

- Remove gems: You can remove socketed gems fromequipment without cost.

(3) Gem types

- Gems contain, ATK Gem (boosts ATK), DEF Gem(boosts DEF) and HP Gem (boosts Max HP). Each type of gem possesses differentlevels. Gems of a lower level can be fused into one of a higher level. (GemToken I is required for fusing Lv 3 - 5 gems while Gem Token II for Lv 6 - 8gems.)

- Obtain gems from Tower Defense and fusing lowerlevel gems.

2. Tower Defense

- Required levels:

Lv 1 Tower Defense unlocks at [R]Lv 380.

Lv 2 Tower Defense unlocks at [R]Lv 451.

Lv 3 Tower Defense unlocks at [2nd R]Lv 500.

Lv 4 Tower Defense unlocks at [2nd R]Lv 551.

Lv 5 Tower Defense unlocks at [2nd R]Lv 601.

- Have 3 attempts daily. T.D. Pass is required forentering the dungeon.

- T.D. Pass can be obtained from AP rewards or theMall.

- Dungeon rules:

(1) Monsters will come at the crystal from 4directions. You will have to defend the crystal against those monsters withinthe allotted time.

(2) There are 4 powerful towers in the dungeon.

(3) Each monster attack on it will decrease thetower energy by 1. Tower will be destroyed when its energy reaches 0. Killmonsters around the towers to restore energy to the towers.

(4) Clear the dungeon to get rare gems. Less timegrants better rewards.

- Dungeon rewards: Every time you clear thedungeon, you will get a dungeon rating, including S, A, B. Less time grantsbetter rewards. Rewards include massive EXP and gem chests.

3. New level cap and new maps

- Level cap raised to [2nd R]Lv 650.

- Added higher level Demon Abyss.

- Added a level seal of [2nd R]Lv 600 and thecorresponding seal dungeon, Heart of Darkness will be available.

- A new map is available at [2nd R]Lv 601.

- A new map has been added to the Land of Peace.

- A new stage has been added to the EliteChallenge.

4. Voucher and Rebate Event

During the event, every time you spend 50 diamondsyou can claim 1 Voucher. You can claim up to 150 Vouchers. Each Voucher can beused in Treasure Appraisal and Lucky Spin to reduce diamonds required for eachattempt by 5.

5. New materials for glorifying equipment

- Added new material for glorifying wings, BlazeStone

- Added new material for glorifying bracelet and pendant,Spark Stone

6. Cores for boosting stats of bracelet and pendanthave been added.

7. T21 - 24 relics have been added.

8. Can now fuse EXP Potions.

- Fuse 4 1.5X EXP Potions into a 3X EXP Potion.

9. New Mercenary Skills

3 new skills have been added for each mercenary.

------------What’s Changed

1. Optimized AFK Helper

- When there are no monsters around your character,Your character will stand still to wait for monsters to be refreshed instead ofaimlessly moving about.

2. Can Fast Sell common bracelets and pendant afterselecting the option in your settings.

3. Replaced D.A. Pass and ToD Pass of each levelwith D. A. UNL Pass and ToD UNL Pass in the Mall.

4. Added Reset Scroll (Perk) to the B.D.Mall.

5. All bosses’ skills of instantly killing playerswill be removed in Infernal Land.

6. Adjusted Drinking Contest rewards and updaterewards.

7. Adjusted update preview.

8. Changed the original 3X EXP bonus in Soul Squareand Prison of Greed of the Grand Gala event to the EXP bonus on all maps.

9. Improved the stats and shield points granted byshield of each level.

10. Passive skills that boost ATK, DEF and HP havehad their level cap raised to Lv 800.

11. Lowered the gold required for fusing Pet Feed.

12. Optimized the skill description of mercenary’sskill, Roaring Fire.

13. Fixed the issue that after changing class to awarrior, you can’t acquire warrior’s skill Death Stab automatically.

14. Fixed the level display issue of the C.S.Battlefield rank.

15. Increased rewards for most events.



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