Nidia: Evolution of The Ring Open Beta Arrives

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What annoys you most when choosing your next game?  Poor graphics? Lag issues? Loading time?  Hours and hours to download?  iGameMore has put all of these worries away in their brand new and exciting free-to-play Action-RPG, Nidia: The Evolution of The Ring.  With client-grade next-gen 3D graphics right in your everyday browser (no download required), you will be able to enjoy the latest and greatest that iGameMore has to offer.


Nidia: Evolution of The Ring is a Fantasy based Action-RPG that takes place in a fantasy world where fierce and intelligent Dragon’s used to roam the world.  For centuries they hunted everything but themselves and brought severe devastation to the holy lands of Nidia.  They called it “The Age of Dragons.”  Peace was finally brought to the land when a brave Champion used the power of the Rings and forced the Dragons back to their pits.  But now the Dragons have come back to finish the unfinished.  Nidia is now looking for the next Great Champion to re-discover the power of the Rings and once again defeat the Dragons once and for all.



At first glance you will notice crisp and clean graphics, colorful effects, and never-seen-before 360-degree camera action that will have everyone amazed. Choose from three classes, whether you like to use the spell-bearer Mage, sharp-shooting Archer, or the mighty Knight there is a Champion for everyone.   Enjoy over 50+ grueling BOSSes, over 10+ game modes, hundreds of hours of gameplay, and thousands of unique Character customization options in this easy-to-learn, strategic, and challenging Action-RPG.



Ready your weapons and join us on this thrilling adventure.



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