AD2460 - The Community Refused Game Shutdown

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The Norwegian developer Fifth Season AS who runs AD2460, the science fiction online real time web-strategy game, has just announced that the game will change from "persistent" to "round-based" on November 25th. The game will open for registration at 11.00 and start at 17.00 UTC time


Oslo, Norway, November 23rd 2016:  AD2460 was launched in December 2014 with a goal to revolutionize sci-fi browser gaming. The game was persistent, subscription based, had no elements of pay-to win – unlike most other similar released games. This proved too ambitious and the developers were constantly forced to do changes in order to attract more players.  In addition to more content, the game went free-to play in December 2015. This was not enough, and the developers announced game shut down (due to low revenues and user base) on October 31st. But the community, limited but loyal, revoked…….

The users, who have great enjoyment in the game, mobilized and suggested changes on how the game could further increase the user-base. The suggested changes would move the game away from all the three key USPs (unique selling propositions) announced when the game originally launched. A few days later the community had convinced the developers to make a few changes and continue the game rather than shutting the servers down.

The changes were going round-based rather than persistent and adding more “value” for money spent. This includes giving advantages to paying users in build- and research times, but not on elements affecting the outcome of combats. The game will still be free-to-play.

Fifth Season is located in Oslo, Norway and has been creating and running online games for over a decade. The company's second current running game, the online football management game ManagerLeague, has been out and is still popular more than 11 years after launch.

Fifth Season also practically invented the sci-fi web-strategy genre when it launched the hugely popular Planetarion in 2001. At its height, it had about 180.000 players, which for its time was a massive amount for any web-game. Most other later released games in the genre are direct descendants of that particular game.

More resources (company profile, game information, artwork and videos) are available at our press kit-page (



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