Dragon Ball Z Online Official Launch

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Dragon Ball Z Online (DBZ Online) Official Launch date announced. Play Now, and Join Goku, Vegeta, along with the other Dragon Ball Z original characters in the notorious battle of the universe! Based on the famous anime and manga from Akira Toriyama “Dragon Ball”,it intends to satisfy the epic moments of worldwide Dragon Ball fans.

Dragon Ball Z Online will be released on November 16th 2016 at:

♦ 15:00 PM ~ GMT+8

♦ 08:00AM ~ GMT+1

♦or 15th November 23:00PM ~ PST-8

DBZ Online is a Free to Play, Browser Based MMORPG. Players can recruit lots of characters with different skills, type, and power that will give you the feel of becoming a real Dragon Ball Warrior!

In DBZ Online,you can fight against other players in Arena, against Boss Monster in their lair, and of course participate in the famous TENKA ICHI BUDOKAI. You can fight so many enemies from other planets: Earth, Namek, and Universe. And there are also many types of enemy:Saiyan, Namekian, Android, Beast, Dragon, Majin, and etc.

Key Feature:

Race & Gender [Android, Saiyan, Majin] / [Male/Female]


First time you entered the game interface, you can create and choose the character you like. There are total 3 types ( Saiyan , Cyborg , Demon ) and 6 appearances. Saiyan is a close-range attacker type, Android is a defensive and long-range attacker type, and Majinis a magic attacker type character.



Dragon Ball fans certainly know TenkaIchi Budokai or World Martial Arts Tournament, the stage to show who’s the strongest Saiyan!! In Dragon Ball Z Online, you can feel this World Martial Arts Tournament on Budokai system. Budokai is divided into phases according to the level and each phase has five stages. Player must clear one stage to open the next stage. After winning each stage, you can get random Z Artifact rewards. Reach the appropriate level to open the next phase/level.

Legendary Warrior


In this Legendary Warriors feature, you can obtain the strongest partner through the Exchange of Wills Certificate. But not just that! In this system,you can also upgrade your partner into Super Saiyan!

And tons of other unique features!



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