Online Dating Sim 'Crush Crush' Breaks Fourth Wall, Players' Hearts

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The free online dating game Crush Crush has been given an injection of super-hot action with the release of the "Moist and Uncensored" edition, a gameplay overhaul that introduces steamy "romance" scenes and sex-based achievements to the clicker/adventure game. This 18+ content update will only be available on the version of Crush Crush due to many of the new characters (including the incredibly promiscuous Nutaku-chan herself) falling well outside the boundaries of acceptable Steam content.


Unlike many titles in the dating genre, Crush Crush plays more like a roaring game of Adventure Capitalist than a mopey visual novel: progress is achieved by improving abilities, working better paying jobs, then wooing women with expensive gifts and moonlight walks on the beach. You can date as many girls as you’d like - often simultaneously - and just like real life, the only limits are time and money.

Where Crush Crush really shines is the cast of female love interests you’re given the chance to pursue. Ranging from girls next door to time-travelling cosmic entities, the characters are drawn and written with a mix of humor and flirtatiousness that will instantly hook the most jaded of players. Unlocking greater affection levels will bring you further into their confidence, until - with a great deal of fanfare - you break out of the friendzone and land in their bedroom. In the course of leveling up your hobbies and jobs, you’ll inevitably run into new, more exotic heroines - meaning the adventure continues even after you’ve maxed out your original waifu.


Much of Crush Crush is written in a tongue-in-cheek style that goes outside the in-game universe to give a knowing nod to users: some of the characters seem semi-aware they're trapped in a computer game, and one of them is shown boldly breaking through a computer screen to be with you. It’s a testament to Sad Panda’s style and wit that these interactions manage to stay fresh well into the late-game, leaving you revisiting old flames well after you’ve managed to max out their affection meters and win their digital hearts.

To add depth and replayability, the campaign borrows a mechanic popular in many clicker-style games and allows you to reset your progress with some special benefits. Gems (earned as tokens of affection as you increase your status with girls) can be spent on reduced training times, and when your affection is set back to zero these massive bonuses will persist. With an average of 16x increased speed these resets can make a huge, time-saving difference, taking on a snowball effect when used repeatedly that will speed you through the early game content.


To developer Sad Panda’s credit, Crush Crush avoids the usual free-to-play money trap by refusing to put any of its content behind a paywall. Players are free to purchase extra gems if they really want to put some fire in their dating escapades, but these speed boosts are far from necessary in a game that plays itself even when you’re not around. This offline play feature is one of Crush Crush’s greatest strengths, delivering a certain satisfaction when you wake up to find eight hours worth of gold and training waiting to be spent on winning new girlfriends. The only thing that stops this from being overpowered is micromanagement requiring you to put your skills in the right area there’s no point in training up your intelligence in hopes of becoming a Luv Doctor unless you invest me

You can check out Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored on its Nutaku game page. You’ll be required to create an account to play and save your progress in the game, but otherwise it’s offered completely free.



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