Lil' Conquest Officially Released With Various Events

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All players will receive diverse prizes during the first 7 days after their registration in the game.

Chengdu, China - Oct. 19, 2016 - LOYGAME is thrilled to announce the release of their newest free to play economic strategy game, Lil’ Conquest, at 7 a.m. GMT. on Oct. 19, 2016. Any player who uses a web browser can play the game at LOYGAME’s website:


After a month’s testing, LOYGAME would like to express their greatest appreciation to players who helped test the game and provided their precious suggestions to us during open beta. All players, regardless of when they registered in the game, can receive one Artifact (used to boost combat power) and one purple hero in the first 7 days after their registration in the game. All open beta players, as LOYGAME promised, will be rewarded a special gift pack when the game is live.

Engaging in the game’s official social event is surely the easiest way prepared for players to gain additional items. All players can win up to 1 million coins, 500 blue diamonds, one Jin Sword (a weapon for players to equip their heroes) and 200 Sweep Tickets if they follow the game’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts, and invite their friends to play the game by sharing the game’s facebook event.

For players who are eager to recharge and buy red diamonds (in-game currency only for VIP players), First Purchase Pack would be their best choice. The First Purchase Pack costs only $2 and includes 500K coins, 100 red diamonds, seven particular hero weapons and an extraordinary hero YueFei. Being a three-star hero, YueFei can exclusively summon five Yue infantrymen during the battle.

There are many other events for the celebration of the game’s official release. Please visit the official forum to check the newest events details:

For those looking to view gameplay or learn strategies of the game, please visit LOYGAME’s Youtube page for our trailers.

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About Lil’ Conquest
Lil’ Conquest is a free browser-based business simulation and war-themed strategy game that enables players to build their village, by establishing a productive empire, but also set up armies to conquer the world by recruiting the world’s bravest heroes and units of ancient and modern times.

Players can enjoy the fun of perfectly utilizing their land to maximize income and tactically boosting more than 65 heroes and units to conquer the world.

LOYGAME is a global browser game publisher that provides legendary games that satisfy the needs of players all over the world. Since starting in 2014, we have clung to the high standards players have requested in their games and only offer free to play games of the high-quality for each genre. Whether a player is interested in MMOs, RPGs, RTS, or FPS, LOYGAME is committed to our customers need to scratch their gaming itch online.
Visit LOYGAME at today and play all our games for free.



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