LOYGAME Announces the Open Beta for Its Newest Free to Play Economic Strategy Game, Lil' Conquest
LOYGAME Announces the Open Beta for Its Newest Free to Play Economic Strategy Game, Lil' Conquest
Date:Sep 20 2016 00:48:50
Source: Press Release
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LOYGAME is proud to announce their newest economic strategy game, Lil’ Conquest, is available at 7 a.m. GMT. on Sep. 20, 2016 for players to play on their favorite browser

Players who are a part of the open beta testing will receive 500 red diamonds (in-game currency) per day.

Chengdu, China - Sep. 20, 2016 - LOYGAME, an online platform offering free browser games, is proud to announce their newest economic strategy game, Lil' Conquest, is available at 7 a.m. GMT. on Sep. 20, 2016 for players to play on their favorite browser. Players who register and test the game during open beta will receive 500 red diamonds (in-game currency) per day. Please start the game for free at: http://lc.loygame.com/.


Lil' Conquest is a free browser-based business simulation and strategy game that enables players to build their village, by establishing a productive empire, but also set up armies to conquer the world by recruiting the world’s bravest heroes and units of ancient and modern times.

Differentiate itself from common simulation games, Lil' Conquest requires much higher strategies on the layout of the village production line. The player needs to consider how to perfectly utilize their land and produce at its full potential so that they can maximize income to boost military power. By promoting the village’s economy, the player can easily upgrade heroes, research and develop new units as well as high-grade equipment to conquer and expand their territory.


Lil' Conquest employs a turn-based war pattern when combating in battlefield. Each battle has three turns. The player will win only if they kill all enemies before the final turn is over. There are over 65 heroes and 4 kinds of units in this game. Each hero has its own skills and can be selected as a commander of any unit among Infantry, Musketeer, Archer and Cavalry. The player needs to sharpen tactics and to figure out which heroes should be deployed to the battlefield, who is the best hero to be a unit’s commander and which kind of weapons equipped for heroes can amplify damages to enemies.


Lil' Conquest’s cities and heroes are real and historical enabling players to learn of the great fighter of Asia, Europe, and beyond. Fight to reclaim and conquer Edo, Constantinople and Sparta with heroes like Alexander, Jules César, and Genghis Khan.

Lil' Conquest prepared various events for its beta players. Halloween is coming soon. To celebrate the festival, Lil' Conquest added ancient Chinese zombies to the game as its first month-long event. Players will have to build a strong army if they want to kill these horrible zombies in the game.


Apart from 500 red diamonds per day, all beta players will be rewarded 5,000 blue diamonds (in-game currency) if they would like to engage in the game’s facebook sharing event: https://www.facebook.com/lilconquest.

To thank all beta players who test the game, LOYGAME will send a gift pack for them when the game is officially released. The gift pack includes 10 Summoning Orders(players can recruit 10 heroes with it), one Love Tree(provide benefits for the production line), 100,000 coins and 500 blue diamonds.


- Over 65 heroes to recruit, upgrade and equip
- Each hero has its own fighting skills
- 67 high-grade units to research and develop
- More than 80 new weapons and equip to research and upgrade
- PVE mode with multiple sub-quests
- Arena battles allow you to challenge other players 
- Join an alliance to receive special items and exclusive benefits
- Capture a city from other players for alliance honor and coins
- Escort an envoy to obtain hero souls and coins
- PVP mode in Raid to win trophies
- Challenge stages in Tower of Trial to enhance military power
- Nearly 39 buildings to establish in village

Please watch our teaser trailer at: https://youtu.be/0Woq7Gw-QMs

Players who have an Adobe Flash version 11.4 or above on their browser can start the game today. Please feel free to visit the official site: http://lc.loygame.com/ to check out the game or follow us on social media:
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilconquest
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/LilConquest
• Youtube: https://youtu.be/0Woq7Gw-QMs

Media kits for the game are on demand by emailing us at press@loygame.com. Reviewers can also receive special gift packs for review and prize packs for your viewers.

LOYGAME is a global browser game publisher that provides legendary games that satisfy the needs of players all over the world. Since starting in 2014, we have clung to the high standards players have requested in their games and only offer free to play games of the high-quality for each genre. Whether a player is interested in MMOs, RPGs, RTS, or FPS, LOYGAME is committed to our customers need to scratch their gaming itch online.

Visit LOYGAME at http://www.loygame.com today and play all our games for free.


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