J-Pop Band Manager - Idol Wars Online Launches

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Montreal - August 23rd, 2016 - The J-pop battle game Idol Wars Online is making its English-language debut on gaming portal Nutaku, offering players the chance to manage an aspiring girl band in the battle to become Japan's greatest idol group. Idol Wars Online is a free-to-play title available on both PC and mobile browsers.


In Idol Wars Online, players work as producers for dueling J-Pop starlets as they perform high-energy routines to win the crowd’s affection. As an idol group manager, they’ll recruit aspiring singers, train them through ‘performance quests’, then help them fight live battles against human opponents in dizzying head-to-head confrontations. Winning live battles will shower your team with fame and glory, allowing them to unlock special upgrades and new abilities that will further their quest to reach the top of the pops!

Idol Wars also features a robust player-run guild system (called ‘Productions’) where teammates can organize their resources and engage in mass-battles versus rival producers. Known as ‘Dreamfests’, these online competitions involve up to 50 participants setting their idol teams against each other, each vying to become the most powerful idol group in Japan.

Key game features:

Star Power: Recruit over 80 potential J-Pop stars, each with their own unique art and voice acting.

RPG-Style Leveling: Train, upgrade, and evolve characters as you increase their skills and unlock special abilities.

Guild Wars: Form player-run “Productions” that pool resources and assist in taking on the most challenging opponents.

Pop Star Battles: Engage in live “Dreamfest” PvP battles with up to 50 rival players from around the world.

Monthly Events: Special monthly events introduce new characters and advance the game’s storyline, giving

Linked Accounts: Enjoy the same account on both PC and mobile browser versions.

See the Idol Wars trailer here:
Play the game here:

Originally developed by gaming giant DMM, Idol Wars Online is a massive hit in the Japanese online gaming scene and boasts over 3 million monthly players. Nutaku is the first gaming portal to offer the game in English, where it appears alongside other DMM exclusives such as Flower Knight Girl and Aigis: Millennium War.



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