Fruit Warriors Will Launch Closed Beta on July 28th

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International mobile and browser game publisher 37Games will launch the Closed Beta of its latest game - Fruit Warriors , a fruit themed SRPG on July 28th, 2016. Let’s take a first look at the various fruit warriors that you will be fight along with.




This warrior is sour in more ways than one. Lemon doesn’t play well with others and as such is very defensive in nature. He can turn his thick lemon peel into a helmet to protect himself from attacks, making him hard to be defeat. He also has the skill ‘Infernal Chop’ that allows him to regenerate health when attacking enemies.



Similar to Lemon, Banana excels in defence. His armour and shield are made of hard banana peels, which make him one of the best tanks in combat. He can absorb a lot of punishment with the skill ‘Soul Shield’ activated. His banana peel is dangerous weapon too. Anyone who is slipped up by it will take huge damage.



Durian is the go-to AOE character in Fruit Warriors. He can spit out stinky poisoned gas in battles, which reduces enemies’ attack and causes sustained damage. He can also summon a large durian bomb. Throw it at enemy to cause enormous damage and a lot of mess.



Pineapple is blessed with the abilities of controlling effects and healing. He can cast spells to strengthen his armour, not only providing him with better defence but also having a chance to stun his enemies. His healing spell can get him out of many dangerous situations.



Last but not least, Melon. Melon could be considered as the damage master in the game. His main spell ‘Flare’ allows him to attack up to three targets at the same time and has a chance to launch the skill twice in a row.

All of the fruit warriors mentioned above can be recruited in the game. With their various abilities, each warrior plays an important role in battle. For more information about Fruit Warriors, please visit the official website:
Or join the Fruit Warriors Facebook Community:

About Fruit Warriors
Fruit Warriors is a browser-based fruit-personated theme SRPG game published by 37Games. In the game, players will be sent to a beautiful cartoon-style planet and team up with dozens of pretty and cute fruit-shaped characters for a brand new adventure. Players can travel anywhere under a fantasy fruit-formed game world. Owning any powerful mounts would improve player’s combat skills and provide faster travel. In addition, joining the adventurers’ guild allows players to set up your fruit empire in Fruit Warriors.

About 37Games:
37Games is a global online game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has in-house development teams that work with other game developers to create games which appeal to wide audiences internationally. 37Games' growing portfolio includes games like Guardians of Divinity, Fusion War, Nightfalls, Felspire and Siegelord. Official website:



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