Clash of Ninja Open Beta Launching on July 20th

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KeyWord: Clash of Ninja, Clash of Ninja Open Beta, Clash of Ninja OB, Clash of Ninja Beta, Clash of Ninja Coming, Clash of Ninja F2P is excited to announce that the open beta for highly anticipated Ninja themed strategy webgame - Clash of Ninja will launch on July 20th, 2016.

Clash of Ninja is an excellent Strategy Game! The Ninja War is about to erupt. Ninjas from different villages joined the Land of Fire, Land of Wind and Land of Earth. Players will act as the mayor of a village to establish their own ninja village, recruit ninjas, and create ninja squads to join battle, from which they can receive additional resources and strengthen the capacity of their ninjas. Launching on July 20th, 2016, Open Beta players will gain access to the full suite of Clash of Ninja features, including the Ninja Squad and Position Battle System.


A ninja squad is formed by 4 ninjas. Squads are basic battle units in this game. By unlocking new technology, players can create up to 6 squads. Squads can move on the big map, attack and plunder the enemy city, and defend and protect their own city from being plundered.


Players can challenge other players or NPCs in the corresponding positions in the Position Battle interface. If they win, they'll take their positions. Each player is given 5 challenge chances daily. Also, players can spend Gold to buy extra challenge chances. After each challenge, there is a battle CD. Players can spend Gold to clear the battle CD. The higher the Country Level is, the more ninja squads you can send to defend positions. However, up to 3 ninja squads can be sent. Likewise, the challenger can also send 3 ninja squads to attack. At 21:00 every day, the countries will send lush rewards based on players’ positions. Honor Coins can be used to buy territories for the Territory War or redeem rare items in the Shop. The top 5 players in the ranking can manage countries.


The open beta version of Clash of Ninja will go live on July 20th, 2016, anyone interested in playing a faithful Strategy Game based on the popular Ninja series can sign up for free here now:
For more information, please visit:
Official site:



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