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Montreal, Canada - June 29, 2016 -, an online gaming portal featuring premium web-based games, has announced today the launch of Shooting Girl. Originally a popular Japanese-language online title, Shooting Girl has been localized for English-language audiences by game publisher Nutaku.


In Shooting Girl, players are challenged to expel an alien invader from Tokyo using the last fighting forces remaining to Japan: a group of heavily armed schoolgirls. By recruiting, training, and outfitting characters with the latest military technology, they'll be placed in command of a liberation war that will wage across the 32 wards of the city.


Visit  for more information about the online game.

Gameplay Details

Authentic Weapons: Each character in Shooting Girl is armed with a unique real-world firearm, from the bolt-action Mauser 98 to the H&K MP7 submachine gun.

Variety of Playstyles: Girls' personalities and abilities are matched to their weapons: hard-charging shotgun enthusiasts will close in to destroy enemies, while icy snipers will pick off targets at range.

Tactical Decision Making: Players will be able to set tactics for each girl dependent upon the situation, ordering their troops to provide cover, flank, or close range as the situation demands.

About Nutaku

Nutaku is an online gaming portal featuring Japanese games localized for English audiences. With over 13 million monthly users, Nutaku provides western gamers with a unique window into some of the most popular online games in Japan, from grimdark tower defense like Aigs: Millennium War to winsome beach adventures such as Osawari Island.



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