RuneScape: Anniversary Quest Developed by Creators of the MMORPG

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The free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape has been around for more than 15 years! That is certainly a reason for celebration. If you think that 15 years does not sound like a very long time, let us put that number into perspective. Just think about it: People were still using Windows 2000 back then. The guys and girls over at Jagex have come up with something very special to celebrate the MMORPG’s birthday. The three original Jagex founders and creators of RuneScape have been invited back to the studio to work on a special quest line named after the three siblings. The Gower Quest challenges players to help three cabbage mages find out why their cabbages are mysteriously disappearing. As you might’ve guessed, the three mages are virtual representations of the three brothers.

The quest line brings players through various cabbage fields and features a lot of nostalgic moments and references to the history of RuneScape. Anyone who has been enjoying the MMORPG for a while now, will certainly have a blast playing through the celebratory quest.

To guarantee that really everyone can delve into The Gower Quest, the developers have released the update for free. There’s only one requirement to start the challenge: Players must have 34 AP. If that’s the case, anyone has a chance at winning some gold coins, an adventure point, and some unique rewards, including a brand new god sword forged in the name of the cabbage god.



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