League of Angels II - New Hero Skins Make Your Squad Stylish

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Customization has always been a core feature of League of Angels II, and now we’re ready to unveil a new way to customize your heroes! Hero Skins not only give your heroes a unique appearance when equipped, but also provide them with powerful bonus stats for battle. Crush your enemies in style with new Hero Skins.

First wave of 6 Hero Skins will be:

Healer Heroes:

1. Flora - Snow Blossom


2. A’ishah - Desert Flame


3. Thera - Lunar Eclipse


Support Heroes:

1. Athena - Wisdom of Midas


2. Kay - Duality


3. Liz - Symbol of Light


Each Hero Skin provides these basic stat bonuses for that hero: HP+5000, ATK+1500, PDEF+1000, MDEF+1000

Additionally, if players collect multiple skins of each hero type, they will unlock extra bonus stats for all deployed heroes:

-Set Bonus: Holy Blessing
Collect 2 different Healer Hero Skins: All deployed heroes gain HP+2000
Collect 3 different Healer Hero Skins: All deployed heroes gain DR+5%

-Set Bonus: Piercing Light
Collect 2 different Support Hero Skins: All deployed heroes gain ATK+700
Collect 3 different Support Hero Skins: All deployed heroes gain DMG+6%

What are you waiting for? Check out all the hot events in-game and get your hands on some Hero Skins!

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