Youzu Interactive: A Recognized Leader In Innovation

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Youzu Interactive is fast becoming a world-leading game developer and publisher. As the parent company of GTArcade, Youzu Interactive has been responsible for numerous hit titles like League of Angels and Junior Three Kingdoms. Always at the forefront of game development, publishing, and technology, Youzu Interactive has collaborated with numerous tech giants to push the industry forward. Recently Youzu Interactive earned recognition from both Apple and Microsoft during their respective annual developer conferences in San Francisco.


Creating A New Generation of Mobile Games

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an annual gathering of Apple’s renowned developer community to discuss the future of Apple’s technologies. During WWDC 2016, Youzu Interactive’s Fancy3D game engine and new mobile game Furious Wings both took the spotlight. Furious Wings, released in early 2016, is the first mobile game built on the Fancy3D engine, as well as the first Chinese mobile game to feature cutting edge graphics based on Apple’s Metal technology. During its highlight at the conference, Apple executives praised the Chinese-developed game for creating amazing next-gen graphics at minimum cost to hardware performance. Thanks to the combination of the Fancy3D engine and Metal API, iOS users can experience truly spectacular 3D visuals of Furious Wings on even older devices. GTArcade will be bringing Furious Wings to the international audience later this year.

Innovative Use of Technology

During the Microsoft Build 2016 Developers Conference, CEO Satya Nadella brought up Microsoft’s cooperation with Youzu Interactive on many technological fronts. In his keynote speech, Satya stressed the importance of working closely with developers, using Youzu Interactive as a prime example. He noted Youzu Interactive’s innovative use of Microsoft Azure cloud computing for their game servers, which not only improves server utility and reduces costs, but also allows instantaneous launching of new servers. Also mentioned was the application of Microsoft Translator in Youzu Interactive’s international mobile game, League of Angels-Fire Raiders, allowing users of multiple languages to easily communicate within the same game world.


Leading the Future

Thanks to its innovative approach to game design and use of technology, Youzu Interactive has become an industry leader and continues to expand its global influence. Always pushing for the next big breakthrough and with partners like Apple and Microsoft, Youzu Interactive is ready to shape the future of the gaming industry.



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