Empire: Revenant's Alpha Server is Now Available Exclusively from AMZGame

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May 28th, 2016 - AMZGame is pleased to announce that Empire: Revenant will be releasing an alpha server. Empire: Revenant is a free-to-play strategy browser game using a turn based system that utilizes figures from ancient history and mythology to engage in epic PvE & PvP battles, including faction vs. faction warfare, and guild vs. guild challenges. Create your army by choosing from more than 60 different historical world leaders and an ever growing collection of weapons, armor, mounts, guardians, and unique skills. Take your place as a great leader by completing quests and accepting character defining challenges.


Prove yourself in the Challenge Tower (up to 25 battles) and Final Stand (100+ battles!), Pitched Battle, Frontier Defence, Monster Tower and more!

Your legacy will not be decided by simply winning or losing... but by the magnitude of your triumphs and the gravity of your defeats!

Upon testing completion, the alpha server will be reset.

Key Features:

Unlimited Historical Heroes: Recruit and command any famous historical hero to build your legendary empire.
Series of Battles: Join the epic fight with your armies and take the throne!
Battle Strategy: Fighting is not only measured by your Battle Rating, but also by which heroes you choose for battle and how you position them.
Fate of the Empire: The destiny of the empire you choose is in your hands. Defend or invade? It's up to you!
Empire Adventures: Different heroes have different stories. Help them complete their unfinished dreams and the empire will never be the same!
Conquer Foes Alone or with Friends: A variety of PvP events and battles are waiting for you! Jump into battle alone or party up with your fellow friends and guildmates.

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About the publisher:

AMZGame is a global game publisher that delivers microtransaction-based, free-to-play browser games around the world. AMZGame currently publishes several popular games such as League of Angels, Siegelord, and Lords Road. The AMZGame team manages marketing, PR, locates distribution channels, and carries out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, and event design/implementation. AMZGame is also a platform that gathers players across the globe to share their gaming experiences, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere, with a variety of unique and exciting games to choose from. More for details, please visit



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