Star of Heroes Celebrates Their Release With a Week Full of Events

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Chengdu, China - May 17, 2016 - After four weeks of open beta testing, LOYGAME is ecstatic to announce that their newest game, Star of Heroes, is live starting today  at 2 a.m. GMT. The game is available to anyone in the world using a web browser to play at LOYGAME’s site,


LOYGAME would like to thank the thousands of beta players who tested the game and will be sharing special gifts to them as well as anyone who joins the game during the first official week of gameplay. Players can also win addition items by following the games official Facebook and Twitter accounts during the week-long event. Twitter followers will also receive multiple codes that open up prizes in the game during the first day of release.

Players who purchase diamonds (in-game currency) during the event will receive VIP status, allowing added options in the game such as more stamina, more skill points per day, and the 3-star hero Pain Queen, an evil succubus with a deafening scream and poisonous daggers.

For those looking to view gameplay of the game, please visit our YouTube page for our trailer, 10 minutes of gameplay, and a look at the battle arena, Faction War, where both factions fight to see who is the strongest, awarding players with points that can be used at the Battlefield Shop.

Media kits for the game are on demand by emailing us at Reviewers can also receive special gift packs for review and prize packs for your viewers.

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About Star of Heroes
Star of Heroes is a hero-collecting tactical RPG web game that allows players to battle creatures from other factions. Warfare seems to be endless in the land of Star of Heroes. Heroes have no choice but to unify as a "Sentinel" or as a "Scourge" as they fight for daily survival before a greater evil emerges to threaten everyone.

Players can enjoy the fun of evolving over 40 heroes by equipping their team with an array of weapons and armor to become the ultimate heroes of the planet.

LOYGAME is a global browser game publisher that provides legendary games that satisfy the needs of players all over the world. Since starting in 2014, we have clung to the high standards players have requested in their games and only offer free to play games of the high-quality for each genre. Whether a player is interested in MMOs, RPGs, RTS, or FPS, LOYGAME is committed to our customers need to scratch their gaming itch online.



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