Magerealm Introduces a New Angel: Gemini - the Hybrid Angel

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Magerealm, GTArcade's unique 3D action MMORPG, is excited to introduce a new Angel to the Realm - Gemini, the Hybrid Angel!


Gemini is a mysterious being who is rarely seen by others, even other Angels. She has appeared before the Mage Council to offer her assistance, but no one knows where she came from or her motives. While she poses divine powers like most Angels, it is her innate mastery of dark magic that shrouds her identity. One thing is for sure, her strange powers of duality is a strength the Mage Council cannot turn down.

The fusion of light and shadow gives Gemini astonishing abilities. By exposing the opposite elements together inside her, she can create an eruption of unimaginable power that deals heavy damage to all enemies in range and burns them with shadowflames. This effect also has a chance to silence affect enemies, allowing your team to take advantage and crush the weakened targets. Use Gemini to go on the offense and nullify key targets.

If you have not tried Magerealm yet, now is the perfect time to experience one of the best action MMORPGs for browser!

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