Those Hot Angels and Their Cosplayers in Asian Games

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Most gamers from around the world would agree that MMORPGs that are created by Asian teams are usually well-made in terms of graphics with cool scenes and characters. Female characters are always prominent and very sexy in appearance and scantily clad, especially in those casual browser games. Let’s check out some of those hot characters and cosplayers below.


Guardians of Divinity is a browser-based ARPG that gathers gods from different civilizations, including 12 sexy zodiac saints which are a kind of personal body guards for your character. They keep following you and join every fierce battle you encounter which is pretty enjoyable. It’s sort of like a team of angels fighting for you.


By playing the game for an extended time you can unlock more saints with different skills and bonuses, therefore you need to choose the right saints strategically depending on the enemies you encounter.


Once I came across a gaming website that explained how Guardians of Divinity is popular in some Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan and China. Here are some nice cosplay for the Asian version of Guardians of Divinity I collected.







Most of the pictures are pretty good…except the last one is a bit strange with the proportion between the head and the rest of the body, lol.

Actually there are a lot of pretty hot girls in the game, also found out there are space ships as well! Pretty crazy stuff. Anyway, you can play the English version here.  (



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