Legends of Honor Introduces First Gameplay Video

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City-building and growing populations pose major challenges for players

Hamburg January 14, 2016 – Goodgame Studios, Germany’s leading developer of gaming software, today released further information on its recently launched browser game Legends of Honor. A new video explains the strategy title’s gameplay and the most important aspects of city-building.


The game revolves around the conflict between three factions and the quest for honor. Players face their foes on a large world map which they explore through their heroes. To support multiple heroes with ever larger and more powerful armies, a stable economy must be maintained.  In the beginning, aspiring rulers should focus on expanding their cities and upgrading buildings. Especially important are production facilities, which provide the main resources of wood, stone or food, as well as military buildings and decorations.

With decorations, the population’s happiness can be directly improved. Satisfied citizens will be more efficient in producing resources. A lack of residencies or attacks by other players reduce happiness. Keeping a balance between military, production, and decorative buildings is a key factor to ruling a successful city.


About Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor is a free-to-play building and strategy MMO browser game. Players collect resources, constantly upgrade their fortresses, and expand their rule in a medieval setting. The game's key components include fighting for the honor of your own faction and exploring the interactive world map, where your heroes are able to move about freely and fight in tactical battles.
Legends of Honor can be played worldwide and will be released in 20 languages.

About Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is Germany’s leading developer and publisher of gaming software and specializes in the free-to-play market, with a focus on mobile and browser games. The company offers more than 10 games in 26 languages and has over 270 million registered users worldwide. With more than 1200 employees, the company has the largest workforce compared to other German computer game developers. Goodgame Studios was founded in Hamburg in 2009 and is owner-operated. Along with the headquarters, there are also subsidiaries in Tokyo and Seoul. Goodgame Studios only markets and publishes games which it develops in-house. You can find them on its portal, as well as through an extensive global partner network.

The development of the company has been recognized by multiple awards, among them "Entrepreneur of the Year 2011" from Ernst & Young, the "Technology Fast 50 Award 2014" from Deloitte for being the fastest growing German technology company in 2014, and "Best European Studio" at the European Games Awards 2014. The company's games have also received several industry awards; most recently, Goodgame Empire was awarded “Best European Browser Game” and Empire: Four Kingdoms “Best European Mobile Game” at the European Game Awards 2014.



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