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AMZGam is very glad to inform that the Eternal Dream Open Alpha will be closed on Wednesday, December 9, at 21:00 EST. Thanks for your love and support during this four weeks test, we have collected a lot of issues, bugs and suggestions. And we try our best to fix these issues and improve our service before the Beta. Now let’s see what we have done for our new patch below:

1. We found the current mount is too weak to meet the players’ need, so we decide to redesign them to make them more powerful and useful. Therefore, we change the basic properties and merging properties, and players can socket more gems for your mounts right now.

2. A lot of players complained about that they have no more quests to do when they get high level. We try to solve this problem to make the game not boring, and we re-create and add a series of main quests during level 35 until level 70. So now, players don’t need do the monotonous quests to increase your level.

3. Of course, for the items system, we think a lot, we want to make more simple and clear for players and we try a lot of ways to reduce the collection cycle and crafting cycle. And now players can see a complete new crafting system in Eternal Dream.

4. UI Optimization: we redesign the skill UI, BOSS UI and Dungeons UI to let our player easily find them and use them.

5. Now, you can only find four types gems, they are Attack Gem, DEF Gem, HP Gem and Attack Power Gem.

6. We add more rare items in the treasure, and don’t worry about the ticket.

As a result, we're happy to report that we will be launching the Eternal Dream Beta Server-Snowdrift in the Americas region on December 10, at 10:00 AM EST.

Please note:

 1. All data in Open Alpha Server will be cleared.

 2. All loyalty players who attended Open Alpha can obtain a Gift in the Beta Server. Please wait for details on Eternal Dream Homepage.

 3. For additional Game information about the Eternal Dream, click here.



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