3D MMORPG Shaikan Goes Into Open Alpha

Date: Dec 06 2015 03:38:31 Source: Official Site Views:
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After trekked a long way, Shaikan finally arrives. AMZGame is so excited to announce that Shaikan Open Alpha Server launched on December 3rd 2015 at 10:00 AM (EST).


Shaikan is a free to play 3D browser based MMORPG. As a representative of new generation of 3D browser games, Shaikan provides a smooth screen and interesting storylines, allowing players to enjoy the immersive adventure.


After suffered from warfare caused by evil monsters, people from two opposite countries in the ancient continent of Ivalice, Loirenth and Norlanth, decided to join together to defend the only remaining land of peace, Gloom City. Players start the game with creating a character from three different classes, which are Blade Master, Forest Elf, and Spell Sage, each with their own unique aesthetics and attributes.


Players can acquire more power by upgrading character level, learning skills, promoting dragon mount and enhancing gears. As players continue to do quests and level up, they are able to enjoy more functions like gear transcend, upgrade, and gem embed, they can also gain access to more instances and daily events, such as World Bosses, Public Escort, Clan Gathering Battle, Warriors Arena, Visit Gloom City, as well as 1V1 and 3V3 battles.

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