LIBERATORS Open Beta Announcement

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MutantBox is pleased to announce that its first WWII Strategy game, LIBERATORS, released its open beta version on 2015.11.18. Though the game is still being worked on, countless new experiences will be available to players in this first version of the most anticipated SLG browser game of 2015.

The open beta will mainly be consisting of:

1.           Core Gameplay

1)       Fight on the European Continent

·Create an Army with the power to battle on the beaches of Normandy, liberate France, Holland and Belgium and many other Axis-occupied territory from their tyrannous conditions. Over 121 cities all across Europe can be raided, conquered and captured. Explore new territory and collect the most resources available on the map.

2)       Recruit Commanders

·     Players will be able to recruit 35 Commanders during the Open Beta. All Commanders in LIBERATORS are based on real people who took part in WWII. Each Commander comes with a unique unit, skills and attributes that will play a key role in how your army fights. How your Commanders interact with each other during battles can have many different outcomes, so choosing the perfect formation is crucial to any successful campaign. Recruitment will be possible via Commander Points, which can be acquired in countless ways on the map and through special events.

3)       A Constant War

·     As the Second World War progresses, players will be challenged in ongoing battles that will be influenced by the players. Great rewards will be available to those who are the quickest to aid their stranded Allies.

·     Keep up with your server! The more cities you unlock, the more battles you'll be able to take part in. If your level is too low for you to visit an attacked city, you will miss out on great rewards!

4)       Alliance

·     As their armies become stronger and stronger, players will be able to band together and form Alliances, thus creating nearly unstoppable forces. Whether you choose to join an Alliance or create your own, once you become part of one you will be able to conquer cities, purchase property, research technology and declare war on other Player Alliances. The stronger your Alliance, the more rewards you will reap!

2.       Features

1)       Epic Battles

·     Countless missions and battles will test the power of your army. In Soldiers of the Reich, players will be able to challenge infamous Axis Commanders until they reach their way up to the top leaders of Nazi Germany and take them out as well.

·     Armies of Might is an arena where players will be able to test the strength of their armies against other players. War Bonds and rare items will be awarded each time players climb the rankings.

·     In Turning Points, players will be able to relive battles that truly shaped the Second World War such as the Normandy landings, the Battle of Italy and Kursk. Emphasizing on the connection between Commander and Unit, enemy weaknesses will have to be exploited by using the deadliest combination of various troops.

2)       Base

·     Armies cannot run on empty stomachs! The base is where you can manage your army's resources, recruit Commanders, buy supplies and make sure your army can match the enemy. Build buildings to house your troops, produce resources, train your commanders and much more. With beautiful 3d models that can be arranged at will, LIBERATORS allows players to construct a base that fits exactly their needs.

3)       Countless Activities

·     Great rewards will be available to those who seek it. Daily Tasks and Achievement bonuses are the easiest way to keep an army at the top of its game. Players who check in daily and make sure to stay involved with the hot events will see their armies get stronger and stronger at an exponential rate.

LIBERATORS will take war-themed browser game to the next level. With the Open Beta almost upon us, we want to hear what players have to say about the game and how we can improve it. Do not miss this chance to be one of the first to get a piece of the action. Build an army that will strike fear in the Axis forces. Do not hesitate, sign up today and experience a totally new game!



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