Nightfalls Will Start Its Closed Beta on November 23rd

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Nightfalls, the champion-collecting RPG created by 37Games, will start its Closed Beta on November 23rd. By crafting a huge world devoured in darkness, Nightfalls brings players a thrilling adventure--encounter mysterious champions on your journey, set up the best team for fighting the forces of evil, and conquer the most frightening bosses ever conceived.


Nightfalls has created a sophisticated Champion-collecting and Starsoul system. By completing conquests and dungeons, you will collect Starsouls for lighting up Star Charts and unlock hundreds of Champions to join your team in battle. Beyond choosing your lineup you’ll need to plan your strategies carefully as there are three types of champions: Defensive, Attacking and Assisting. Here are the first three champions you’ll recruit in the game.


The Barbarian
From the Barren Lands, the Barbarian is a powerful Defensive Champion. They are always the first ones into battle, often sparing their teammates from the initial onslaught. Their effective use of their skills, such as Bloodthirsty Killing and Glyph of Warding make them a powerful addition to your team。


The Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor is an Assisting Champion. Contrary to their appearance, Witch Doctors have great empathy. Their specialty is in healing, which can help your team survive the enemies’ onslaughts. Careful though, as she possess many magical attacks. Evolve this champion to unlock her true potential.


The Assassin
Like the wind through the night, the Assassin can move without being seen. As a Defensive & Assisting Champion, she can play a great supportive role on your team. Watch out for her razor thin double-blades, which can tear through armor with little effort. You won’t hear her approach…until it’s too late.


Pre-registration has begun. When Night Falls, Evil Rises.

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime in Nightfalls:




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