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Eternal Dream is a Browser MMORPG, which combines multiple elements to make the players feel different gaming experiences. In Game world, you play a hero to challenge the deadly Boss, explore the undiscovered dungeons, pass the trials of Hero Temple, and craft the powerful weapons to banish the darkness. It is developed with latest technology, which perfectly displays the effects of real-time combat to the players. It will give players a unique game experience with its diversified skills, rich contents and distinctive gameplays. The story of this game is to set about the saga of three different classes- Warrior, Mage and Hunter. This magnificent saga reminds players of their glorious history when they play in this world. Come on to explore this mysterious land.


Life in Eternal Dream land was comfortable and natural. But not for long, an unknown magic disturbance silently appeared, moving across the land, bring with it, strange and mysterious monsters and mysteries. An evil force began to grow stronger by the day, spreading its tendrils of darkness far and wide, corrupting all that it came in contact with. The people united in an urgent call, we need a hero, we are holding out for a hero to save our lands and our people and we also have cookies!!!


Create & Advance Your Hero: Choose the hero you want to be and start your epic adventure. Sharpen your gears, consummate your skills, and summon Pets and Mounts to advance your hero.

Explore twisted dungeons: Challenge deadly Boss, make your way through dangerous dungeons, and pass the trials of Hero Temple to create your legend.

Craft your own gear: Allows you to use molds and recipes to forge brand new items to armor yourself. Also you can combine lower quality gems or materials together to produce superior results.

Fight for honor: The powerful PvP system satisfies different needs of different players. You can fight with the whole world or create your own team to get the champion. Get ready to rumble!

There’s only combat: Unlimited guilds enter, only one guild leaves. This is a blood Shrine, only for the Stronger!

Joint the Events: Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year - the inhabitants of the Eternal Dream land know how to have a good time. Take a break from monster hunting just to join in the fun or to win some prizes to further your goals.

Build your own business: Have something useless? The auction house will help you to sell them, and you can also trade with friends to exchange the items you needed.

Liberate your hand: The unique Automation system will save your hand. Make it possible for you to enjoy life time and adventure at the same time.

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