Recommended New Browser Games in November 2015

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1. Goodgame Empire


Once again, Goodgame Studios is releasing an update for its browser-based strategy game, Goodgame Empire. This time the update is all about a Samurai Invasion! As with any game from Goodgame Studios, updates are always regular and packed full of content. This latest update for Goodgame Empire is no exception! The Samurai Invasion event is going on this week, and it promises to be good fun.

Samurai Camps have Arrived
Dotted around the castle, players will find Samurai Camps on their world map. These camps work a lot like the Nomad Camps from previous events. The NPC camps can be attacked to gain Samurai Tokens to spend on a mini-game to collect rewards. These Samurai Camps have different levels, which change how difficult it is to attack, and the quality of the rewards from the camp itself.

Path to Enlightenment
The Path to Enlightenment is a new mini-game that can be played using the tokens from the Samurai Camps. This is a simple card game that uses luck and guesswork to uncover some pretty sweet prizes. All that needs to be done is to reveal five prizes below the game tiles, without coming across more than three empty ones.

Overall this event looks to be good fun for players of the free-to-play Goodgame Empire. Strategy fans can get involved in this tomorrow morning, but be sure to make the most out of it as it’s only around for seven days.



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