Nutaku Launches Chibi Battle-Adventure Game 'Osawari Island'

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Los Angeles, CA - September 17th, 2015 – Online gaming portal Nutaku is proud to announce the launch of the Ultra Super Dynamic Delicious Adventure Game Osawari Island! For the first time in English, players will have the opportunity to experience one of Japanese gaming giant DMM’s most playful and popular titles, leading a team of elite chibis through a magical realm where the spirits of beautiful girls are theirs to capture and train.


Try the game on Nutaku:

Osawari Island features a challenging real-time battle system where victory depends upon timing, tactics, and player-defined formations. As the island is explored, hundreds of unique recruitable characters become available, each featuring distinctive art and abilities. Building a team with this diverse cast of magical girls is a crucial element of overcoming the island’s many deadly challenges.


The fun doesn’t stop on the battlefield: back at base, captured chibis are yours to enjoy as you unlock their sexy side with the “Lovey-Dovey Heart” resource. Fully animated and uncensored, each upgrade unlocks progressively more risqué character art, voices, and chibi models, ending with a wild climax for the most powerful girls!

Osawari Island is the fifth major DMM title localized by the Nutaku team this year and will join its counterparts PeroPero Seduction and Millennium War: Aigis in their fast-growing selection of popular animated web games.

About Nutaku is an online gaming portal featuring premium Japanese online games.  Created in 2014, Nutaku assists Japanese developers with hosting and monetizing their products for English audiences, allowing them to reach audiences worldwide.

About DMM
Digital Media Mart (DMM) is a Japanese publishing company specializing in online PC gaming, downloadable digital content, and pay-per-view streaming. With over 4 million customers in Japan, DMM is a pioneer of the Japanese gaming industry.



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