Rodinia War Open Beta Test is Coming

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Seoul, September 10th, 2015: Only a few weeks after the conclusion of the closed beta, the renowned korean studio Ons On Soft makes their unique MMO hybrid of RPG and strategy  available to the masses: In 3D-Mode the player can explore the World of Rodinia War just like in a classic RPG, while he can switch to the 2D strategy mode not only to manage his own kingdom, but also to command his armies and crush his opponents.
The beginning of the open beta test phase is the perfect opportunity for newcomers and veterans of the game to rise to power on the primordial continent of Rodinia. After a thorough rebalancing of the game, Ons On Soft reset player accounts one last time in order to give everyone a fresh start on even starting conditions. The client software can now be downloaded on the Rodinia War official website.

The studio did not content itself with only fixing bugs and improving game mechanics, it also focused on improving the combination of the game main assets - role playing and strategy. At last the “Knights”, of whom the player can recruit and customize up to 20, benefit from successful campaigns in both 2D and 3D mode.
Many players also expressed their wishes for a greater variety of unit types, so that they could arrange their armies even better after their individual preferences and needs. Thus new units have been added: the Siege Tower, the War Chariot and the Shaman of the Elements.
Moreover, a lot of quests have been reworked and the item upgrade system has been reworked.

Rodinia War can either be played directly in your internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) or as a local installation (that now comes with an auto update function). Both versions as well as registration for player can be found directly on the website .
Furthermore, Ons On Soft provides the players with the possibility to acquire additional items and upgrades in the new Premium Shop.



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