Appirits Releasing New Game, Einherjar Chronicles - the Next Chapter of Einherjar

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Japanese game developer and publisher, Appirits, has recently announced the English version of their latest game, Einherjar Chronicles, releasing on August 19th 2015.

Einherjar Chronicles is a strategy simulation RPG, based in Valhalla, where warriors' spirits are gathered in Norse mythology. Battlefields are divided into a grid on which the units act like chess pieces, except each unit has their own unique stats, skills, equipment, and more. Players must learn to mobilize their units to defeat enemies, complete quests, and grow stronger, both for the future battles to come, and in battles against each other.

Inspired by the sagas of Norse mythology
Einherjar Chronicles takes players to the world of Norse mythology, featuring gods and goddesses such as Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki and more. Throughout the game, players will be able to interact with the various races from the Nine Worlds.

Players start as a young and upcoming Asgardian who is sent to Midgard by Odin to keep the peace. As players explore the different worlds, they will have to face a prophecy that foretells the events leading to the end of the age of gods - Ragnarok.

More strategic battle systems!
Players can enjoy more strategic battles with massive Realm vs. Realm battles, dividing the game's guilds into one of four factions competing for glory, and the genealogy system, where players can take existing units to create even stronger ones.

Einherjar has a wide range of units, divided into 6 main job trees: Axe, Sword, Spear, Archer, Elf and Sister. Each tree splits into two specific ways to upgrade, allowing players to customize their characters and bring out their potential. There are also unique jobs with great potential and skills, such as the Valkyrie and Seal Keeper jobs.
Additionally, players can combine their units together to produce stronger units. The new unit created from the Union of the old units will receive their predecessors' skills and get a boost to their stats, taking their power to a whole new level. More specifically, the new unit will be stronger at Lvl1 than their predecessors were, and when combined with their new skills, make them an even stronger force in battle.

The game also has an Element System, with each unit having 1 of 8 elements: Thunder, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, Light, Dark, and Null. The first five form a ring, Light and Dark oppose each other, and Null is neutral to all other elements. Each class will correspond to one of these elements and paying close attention to these elements can significantly alter the course of battle. For example, attacking a Fire type opponent with a Water type increases damage by 50%, making the difference between taking out an enemy and being taken out by them. Understanding and utilizing the different elements is key to toppling even the strongest of enemies.

In terms of gameplay, Einherjar Chronicles uses a turn-based style on a map divided into a square grid. Players determine each unit's actions, ordering them to attack, use items, and so on. Depending on the conditions of each mission, players may need to defeat all enemy units or try to defend for a certain number of turns. Similarly, players can fail missions by losing all their units or with the defeat of a key unit.

In addition to battles, players can also develop infrastructure at their Headquarters allowing them to create different types of equipment and items. Each building specializes in a certain type, which provide great boosts to unit development. Einherjar Chronicles creates avenues for players to bring out the most in their army, with tools to boost their units' stats, skills, and equipment.

Some of the core features of Einherjar Chronicles is Guilds and Great Wars. Guilds are simply groups of players who choose to play together, but within Great Wars, these Guilds can seize glory and Guild levels by competing against other Guilds for territory. In addition, Guilds can use their rewards from Great Wars to obtain new skills, giving a boost to all Guild members.

Great Wars divide the Guilds randomly into one of four factions, each competing to obtain the most territory and influence on a map. Players will have to coordinate with their teammates to attack and defend positions in order to score the highest number of points for their faction. When a Great War is finished, Guilds will receive points depending on the success of their faction and their contributions to the Great War.

There is also a smaller scale PvP system in the arena, where players can fight against other players for further glory.



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