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Once, long ago, the universe was a garden of wonders. The gods Above sent pioneers into the vast reaches of space, and a billion worlds bloomed.


But of those billion worlds, now only one remains – and the vile demonic servants of the Voice Below mean to finish the job.

Yet it is a new day on the world of Aeos, and a new generation of heroes rises to claim the legacy of the gods: the Aeon Weapons, divine artifacts forged by the creators of Aeos itself!


Stormthrone is an expansive, full-featured free-to-play browser MMORPG published by R2Games and developed by Mokylin set in a fantasy world besieged by evil. Players will discover Aeos, the last world in the cosmos – and the final front in the war against the enemies of light! Unique heroes drawn from six varied classes will journey to the city of Dawnhold, crown jewel of the human empire and the heart of a richly detailed setting. Thousands of players will join the fight to conquer evil and prove their skill and strength – all from the comfort of a web browser!

The six heroic classes – Warrior, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Hunter, and Paladin – bring a wide range of tactical abilities into battle, but mastering Stormthrone's brand of real-time combat requires something else: the mighty Aeon Weapons. The greatest heroes in history have wielded these ancient artifacts, and now players will have a chance to unlock an ever-growing roster of powers for themselves.

Stormthrone offers a deep, engaging experience to players of all profiles and preferences. Solo quest content, challenging co-op adventures, arena combat, and massive cross-server PvP events are only the beginning – the Four Realms, massive hubs that connect players from across the world, will offer unprecedented opportunities for collaboration, interaction, and competition. The dangers are many, but the rewards are great – every victory brings new chances for powerful equipment, crafting materials, and unending fame.

Complementing the depth and drama of the war for Aeos is Stormthrone’s rich orchestral soundtrack, composed and orchestrated by award-winning composer Daniel Sadowski. Produced with nearly one hundred performers, Sadowski’s unique vision of Aeos is an integral part of the Stormthrone experience that establishes a new gold standard for browser gaming. Previews can be found at the official Stormthrone site, and the OST itself – including over an hour of lush, gripping music – will soon be available on all major digital music services.

Discover the world of Aeos in Stormthrone – a new era of free-to-play browser MMORPGs, coming soon from R2Games and Mokylin!

Key features

  • Back and Better Than Ever – the Alpha era is over - long live Open Beta!
  • Choose Your Destiny – 6 classes combine to create the ultimate team
  • Prepare for Battle – unlock the warrior within in Stormthrone's fast-paced brand of real-time MMORPG combat
  • Defend the Driftworld – immerse yourself in expansive quests as you battle for Aeos, the final front in a war against relentless evil
  • Wield the Aeon Weapons – rekindle the lost Aeon Forge and master the weapons of the gods
  • Discover the Four Realms – explore vast in-game hubs that unite players from across the world
  • Experience Multi-Server PvP – fight for honor and glory across all the realms of Aeos
  • Triumph as a Team – delve deep into dangerous multiplayer dungeons where only the strong survive
  • Find Legendary Loot – customize your character with the spoils of victory

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Class Descriptions:

As the children of a world forged in war, the heroes of Aeos have always fought with honor, distinction, and strength. Yet this generation is different. Abilities thought beyond the reach of humanity have begun to manifest in Dawnhold, infusing ancient martial traditions with raw arcane potential. No matter what destiny you choose, the enemies of Aeos will have ample reason to fear you!


Warrior – Charging into battle with colossal two-handed weapons, Warriors prove themselves to be far beyond mere soldiers. While they struggle to bring peace to Aeos through the art of war, every Warrior lives for battle. A truly inspired Warrior becomes a blur, jumping around the battlefield and stringing together combat techniques to tear their enemies to shreds. It’s not pretty, but only the most foolish hero would refuse a Warrior’s aid.


Mage – When the death of the storm god Tem sealed Aeos away from armies of the Voice Below, it also released the dangerous and uncontrollable essence of chaos into the world. To become a Mage is to embrace Tem’s legacy of change, innovation, and elemental mastery. Though studying the arcane arts can leave Mages physically fragile, their long-range
abilities destroy most foes before they get the chance to strike.


Priest – Although the Axiom shields Aeos from the vast majority of the demon hordes, the servants of the Voice Below have always slept beneath the earth, waiting for their chance to strike. While Mages focus on the art of controlled chaos, Priests dedicate their lives to banishing evil and uplifting the righteous. Drawing strength from the collective unconscious, Priests can shield themselves with the Axiom’s protective aura and make demons flee with a mere word.


Rogue – The enemies of Aeos have always lurked in the shadows. It’s a good thing that Rogues do the same. Disciples of the art of invisibility, Rogues train themselves to see the hidden weakness in everything, and cultivate the cold determination to exploit it. Will a Rogue stab you in the back with a pair of flashing blades and disappear into the night? Possibly. It’s probably safest to give them as many good targets as you can.


Hunter – Tem’s chaotic essence empowers some heroes with insight into evolution, nature, and the secrets of the wilderness. Guided by a powerful empathic link with all living things, Hunters wield their powerful bows to restore balance to a demon-corrupted world. The ultimate survivalists, Hunters litter the battlefield with dangerous traps and execute their enemies without mercy.


Paladin – Whether empowered by a personal code of honor, the sun goddess Beruva, or simple strength of will, every Paladin brings the strength of their convictions into battle. Though some call them fearless to a fault, these paragons of bravery distinguish themselves from Warriors with a preference for sword-and-shield combat, a sacred commitment to defend their fellow heroes, and abilities that shine with the light of the sun.



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