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Versions in Both English and French

37Games looks to establish itself with midcore gamers with its release of Siegelord during Christmas. Launching in the North American and European markets, this game is the cornerstone of what 37Games hopes to be a bevy of browser and mobile games targeting towards midcore audiences around the globe.

Partnering with Game Reign, Siegelord is a unique browser-based RTS who pits three factions against each other vying for control of the continent. Having already been localized and launched throughout Asia, 37Games is confident that Siegelord can realize the same success in both North America and Europe. Siegelord, also known as Dawn of Kings in France and Triwar in Asia, has enjoyed a massive amount of success regardless of the regions it has launched in. In China, Taiwan and Thailand it boosts over 2,000 servers with an expanding player base.

Siegelord, coupled with it's French version Dawn of Kings, only signals the start of 37Games' push into Western markets. Continuing their key partnership, 37Games and Game Reign plan to team up to bring players a high fantasy themed strategy game slated for a summer release. For the coming year, 37Games also plans on diverstifying its lineup with side scrollers, beat'em ups, shooters, and more Facebook social games in the pipeline.

About 37Games
37Games is a global online game publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has an in-house dev team that works with other game designers to make games appealing to hardcore and causal gamers alike. With 37Games already strong presence in Asia, it aims to become a global brand by publishing games in North America and Europe in the near future. allows players to not only game, but to become part of a global gaming community - all from the computer or smartphone. Players can battle side-by-side with their fellow players for a more engaging experience.
Publishing micro-transaction-based, free to play games, 37Games taps into demographics previously unreached by the gaming sector. Free to play means anyone, from any part of the world, can partake in the fun! 37Games is redefining the way games are developed, localized and published to create amazing, novel experiences for all kinds of gamers all over the world.



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