37Games Receives Accolades at 2014 Annual Conference of Chinese e-Game Industry

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2014 Annual Conference of Chinese e-Game Industry Bejing, China December 27, 2014

37Games found itself in a familiar position again this year -taking home a number of rewards from the 2014 Annual Conference of Chinese e-Game Industry. From the tech giant Tencent to innumberable start-ups, the gaming industry in China has expanded exponentially and gaming conferences are popping up everywhere, from the luxurious beach resorts of Hainan to the bustling capital of Beijing.

37Games took home four awards at this year's meeting. The president Li Yifei won both of the "Outstanding Entrepreneur Award" and the "Outstanding Enterprise Award". Mr. Li has overseen the expansion of 37Games from a local browser game company to an international player in the gaming sector. 37Games has platforms covering all of Asia - and now they are setting their sights on the Western markets of North America and Europe. 37Games also received the "Best Animation/Game Product of 2014" with their immensely successful browser game The Sword of The Arch Angel. Launching this past June, The Sword of Arch Angel has surpassed all expectations to become the largest browser game in China in terms of players. To put things into perspective, Since June, The Sword of Arch Angel has opened one server per hour on

The Sword of Arch Angel serves as a perfect symbol for the direction Mr. Li envisions his company to take in the following years. Noting the unrivaled quality of The Sword of Arch Angel in the browser game sector, Mr. Li intends to publish and develop higher quality browser and mobile games based on a foundation of IP rights from popular culture that gamers and the general public are already familiar with. This strategy, he believes, will prepare for expansion into both the mature Western markets and the emerging gaming markets across the globe.

About 37Games
37Games is a global online game publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has an in-house dev team that works with other game designers to make games appealing to hardcore and causal gamers alike. With 37Games already strong presence in Asia, it aims to become a global brand by publishing games in North America and Europe in the near future. allows players to not only game, but to become part of a global gaming community - all from the computer or smartphone. Players can battle side-by-side with their fellow players for a more engaging experience.
Publishing micro-transaction-based, free to play games, 37Games taps into demographics previously unreached by the gaming sector. Free to play means anyone, from any part of the world, can partake in the fun! 37Games is redefining the way games are developed, localized and published to create amazing, novel experiences for all kinds of gamers all over the world.



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