Anno Online: Collect Soccer Balls in Newest Event

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While soccer might not be the greatest or most important thing in the United States, the rest of the world is literally going bazonkers over the World Cup which is starting today in Brazil. As you might know, many free-to-play publishers are from places that are not the United States of America, meaning that it is likely that soccer is a huge thing there. That is partially one of the reasons why so many special events focus on this international sports event. Well, the other being that free-to-play publishers just like to take any event or holiday as an excuse to add an event to their title.

That being said, the folks over at Ubisoft have added a soccer event to their strategy game Anno Online. At first sight, it seems a little far-fetched considering that the browser based game is set sometime in the 17th century, but it does seem to somewhat fit into the overall universe. In Anno Online’s event you won’t see any hooligans, soccer fans or mascots. Instead, you will find a new event currency (soccer balls, duh?!) and event XP that is only used for rankings.

Collect as many soccer balls as possible to trade them against nifty new items, such as sails that make your ships travel faster, cargo holds that increase their capacity, and two new buildings, namely the Granary and Small Soccer Stadium. The former increases wheat production in a certain area, the latter increases your population in an area.

Anno Online Screenshot

The has now started and will run through July 15th without a deactivation phase. Anyone with at least 120 pioneers may participate.



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